I did a haul from Whole Foods of all the tasty and better-for-you foods that I love that will keep my family fed! My family is pretty much dairy-free and one of my favorite parts about Whole Foods is that they make it so easy to keep dairy out of my kitchen. At the bottom of this post is a shoppable gallery in case you want to snag any of these for yourself, and of course if you don’t have a Whole Foods by you. Most of these items are also available online from other sellers. Also, Whole Foods delivers via Amazon for those of you that simply don’t have the time to physically run to the store. Of course I got a ton of produce as well… just figured whose are self explanatory 🙂

First up are these amazing Unreal treats and candies. My girlfriends and I always talk about how it seems like all day long our kids are in and out of the pantry grabbing unhealthy sweets. These sweets by Unreal are awesome. The crispy milk chocolate gems especially are great because they have quinoa in them and my kids have no idea. They taste just like M&M’s!

These Little Secrets Sea Salted Almond pieces are a delicious way to hit that salty-sweet craving and are non-GMO goodness. Smart Sweets is a super great brand if kids are in your pantry. They have only 3 grams of sugar per bag and the peach gummy rings are my favorite…especially when battling those time of the month cravings. I’m obsessed.

I am a big fan of what probiotics do for the tummy and the rest of the body but they work better if you eat prebiotics with them. These Ginger Carrots from Zymbiotics are amazing for that, as they have both pre & pro bionics. Perfect for the gut and they’re so tasty.

These Rhythm organic white cheddar cauliflower bites are amazing. Salty and crunchy and cheesy (without the cheese)…sign me up.

We all can zoodle our own zucchini. Some nights, however, it pays to have a shortcut in the fridge. I throw these zoodles into whatever I need an extra veggie in a meal. Cece’s Veggie Co Noodled are so nice for this because they stay crisp and save me from cleaning a zoodler.

Every single time I go to the grocery store I pick up beef jerky and my two picks this week are Country Archer Beef Jerky and the 365 Organics Grass-Fed Beef Jerky. Love the clean ingredient lists and grass-fed beef!

Ok here is a new to me snack that is fun and savory. They are chicken breast chips…who knows how that works…but they’re delicious! Wilde Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken chips and the Himalayan Pink Salt flavor. They literally taste like real potato chips but are filled with protein and low carbs. I’m truly obsessed!

It’s no secret, my whole family and I love to make yogurt parfaits for breakfast or a great dessert. These are some of my favorite dairy-free greek style and dairy Icelandic style yogurts perfect for all types of layers. The Skyr Icelandic style tastes like ice cream if you put it in the freezer!

This oat milk from Califia Farms is the most delicious dairy-free addition to coffee in the mornings and it steams and foams up just like we like it!

These are such a fun easy dessert or breakfast…there are no rules here! These little sponge cakes are tasty with the coconut whipped topping and I like to put whatever fresh fruit is in my fridge on top.

I cook with this avocado oil all the time because it is such high heat oil and the can isn’t aerosol so it’s super safe for the kids to use. It doesn’t taste like anything and is super healthy!

Butter lettuce is a favorite of mine for taco nights. I like to make lettuce wraps for a low carb option

For days when a lettuce wrap won’t cut it, I use these amazing flexible Siete gluten-free wraps for tacos and sandwiches.

A miracle is right… I love these miracle noodles. The sauce is pretty high in sodium but I load it up with fresh veggies and water to keep it from being too salty. It is a great way to have a low cal lunch and dinner option.

This smoky gouda is DELISH especially if you’re dairy-free and this brand Field + Farmer has great dips. My favorite is this basil pesto and white bean hummus. It is so yummy on veggies.

Why buy dips without anything crunchy and salty to put them on??? These are great gluten-free alternatives. For a more plain style cracker, I like Natural Nectar Cracklebred and for a more complex seedy crunch, I go for Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Everything crackers.

I’m gonna go put all my groceries away now! Shop all these tasty treats below!

Ps. Find all my favorite treats from Trader Joes here!