A few weeks ago hubby, some of our best friends and I took a little mini vacay to Mexico. We LOVE Mexico so much. One of our first trips when we began dating was to Playa Del Carmen and we’ve been going back ever since.


This time, it was an all out “PARTY” trip. We stayed at an all inclusive Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa and let me tell you it was incredible. Typically hubs and I love all inclusive with kids, because of convenience… My kids, and most kids in general are major food wasters and going out to eat three times a day sometimes costs more then the vacay itself.


We honestly had the time of our lives and although I’m not sponsored by this resort I can not say more amazing things about it! Heck Adriana Lima and Kaskade were at the opening and the  stunning, and I mean STUNNING property is only six months old. The entire resort is based on  electronic music, DJ’s are flown in from all over the world that rotate every 6 hours and it’s though Miami & Ibiza had a love child… this place was totally our jam!

SIDENOTE // If you’re looking to chill, sleep and relax this place is NOT for you. The boom boom boom is all you hear and the party never ends, so sleeping is not really a thing here, but amazing music, insane food and loads of dancing is!


I’ve been dying to wear this Discount Universe mesh dress, and this place was definitely the perfect spot for it!

Ok! Now… let’s talk about my favorite new sunglasses site… Zenni Optical. I have to tell you that I’ve spent thousands of dollars on sunglasses. I mean let’s face it, most designer sunglasses are about $350 a pop. However, I like to switch mine out, I’m also always switching bags and with all the traveling, and kids, I constantly lose them. So realistically spending a fortune is no longer working out so well. Nor is it necessary.


Last year, I invested in a pair of Dior Spilts only to lose them 8 days later…. Auughhh

I also typically always wear prescription glasses when I drive and work and so I’ve invested $350+ for the frames and then another $250+ for the lenses… you do the math!


So this is where Zenni Optical comes in. You can get any pair of sunglasses or glasses, with your own prescription and all for anywhere between $40 and $100 flat. Is that not amazing?! Yes these sunnies I’m wearing right here are not Dior and they are prescription and they are by Zenni Optical and so are all of my reading glasses. I LOVE THEM!

I’m also wearing my Zenni prescription sunglasses HERE and HERE!

So moral of the story is this, you don’t have to spend a ton on sunglasses and reading glasses. Also for my perfect sight peeps, you can get the frames and lenses without any prescriptions as well. Everybody wins here!


I’m wearing a Triangl bikini in a denim and of course I found some neoprene style steals for you below.

A little SheIn embroidered peasant top and cut off shorts and I was ready for lunch. Which by the way for an all inclusive the food was #TDF! Think fresh ceviches, incredible seafood and meat tacos made custom from the grill to your plate. Sushi with the wildest best catch of the day… none of that typical all inclusive hamburgers and fries stuff. This place was legit!!!


I found some other great embroidered options below!

Yep!!! Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa has a full Maison Veuve Clicquot Pool that throws foam parties every Tuesday and Thursday. I totally participated and thoroughly enjoyed it… this mama totally needed a wild getaway like this 😉


By the way have I mentioned that champagne is filled with resveratrol, a sort of antioxidant protecting the body against damage?! Think of it as a little sumthin sumthin to help with anti aging!

You know I’m obsessed with palm print, I have two versions of this print and Baby K has one as well. Hubs and I ready for a night out! I’m wearing Lola and the Boys dress and a clutch I got for $5 from H&M! You don’t have to wear expensive to look expensive…


Here are some more options for you that I love!

Also love these style steals right here…

Also you know my girls from T&J Designs? Well, they just rolled out some amazing spring pieces that won’t break your bank! Check out all the prints, the poms and metallics!

My last look was this adorable parrot dress. This dress was a total accidental find that I’m absolutely obsessed with. While packing for Mexico I was thinking tropics, prints, and loads of color!


Here are some other killer  print options I found for you! All fabulous quality and most a major style steal! Overall, I have to say the SheIn Boutique is a great place to find some high quality non expensive pieces.

I couldn’t leave you hanging without my current favorite make-up looks. So check what I’m obsessing with right now as far as beauty goes.