Its official, I’ve found paradise! No, this paradise isn’t in a resort on a white sanded beach across the world, it’s a cute vineyard in Long Grove, Illinois and I couldn’t be happier that I discovered this gem so close to my home!
Sidenote… yes this was taken months ago but as you know I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. However, Valentino is open till January and seeing as we’ve had the most magnificent fall, I’m just a tad fashionably late on letting you in on this little secret.
As you already know, I have been in a crazy haze getting my new house put together and ready for our family to settle in. So I decided, why not take the crew on a breather with a mini vacay? Who knew I would find a home away from home!
This must visit 20-acre vineyard is like walking through the gates of Tuscany without the long lines in airports and lugging around an Italian dictionary. Rudolph Valentino discovered the perfect place to build his new estate and grow this magnificent vineyard to make the most organic and delicious wines… Did I mention organic wines don’t give you hangovers. Along with tours and wine tastings, we got to explore the gorgeous property and the kiddos got to run around with no boundaries. The perfect adventure!
I mean how beautiful does this look?! I can only imagine how great picnics and events would look here. A nice fall wedding perhaps? Or maybe even a fun girls weekend away from everything. One thing is certain however, I will definitely be coming back here for a getaway or for some of the great wine I had during my visit.
Please go check this vineyard out, meet some good people, and drink some amazing wine.

5175 Aptakisic Rd. Long grove, IL. 60047