One of the most common questions on my instagram is my groceries list. To be quite honest I never really have one. I don’t cook by recipes, I never know what I’ll make. I guess I’m more of a heart + gut type of chef! So…. today I did my much needed groceries and the lighting my my house was perfect. I figured I’d post this into the cyberspace so you guys can freely refer to what you need or want from this easy haul.

I’m mostly a Trader Joes and Whole Foods shopper. Trader Joe’s is definitely my non-guilty snacking place! As you can see I pick up a ton of snacks, seasonings and dips at TJ’s.
Must have seasonings! I literally use these on everything. Some favorite is the Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning, love it on avocados, fish, chicken, salads… literally EVERYTHING! When cooking meats or Asian cousins I love Mushroom & Company and my Chile & Lime is awesome for my Mexican Fiestas! I also love to rim it on my margaritas!
New kids on the block! Love this Yuzu sauce, it’s kinda tangy, a little citrusy and spicy! So good on any lettuce wraps, soups, Asian cousins. The Dukkah is a bit more Mediterranean. It’s so good as a rub, or you can simply put with olive oil and dip your bread in.
I am not a big sweet tooth person so for me it’s all about the salt and the crunch. The low calorie seaweed snacks are perfect. Also love the beet chips with my all-time favorite garlic dip!
Ok so these petit carrots are amazing. They are so good raw and so adorable. I also love them roasted, grilled, etc. Must have healthy snack is also the sugar snap peas. We eat them whole or chop them up into salads. The garlic spread is a cult favorite. I buy three at a time. Also this is a new one, just bought the organic spicy avocado hummus and it was so good!
Thumbs up to this new yumminess!
Ok so when it’s that time of the month and I need a little sugar I love these three items. Also not pictured I love the sugarless mango strips, and strawberries leather is just like fruit rollups.
I also love to use these lemon slices as garnishes in cocktails. They’re great in the summer for sangrias and in the winter in some mulled wine. The dried slices also come in orange and blood orange which I love!
Always have this butter army in my fridge. I love to melt the garlic & herb and marinade fish in it, and then baste the fish in it’s juices and the butter…mmmmm so good! We also love to make garlic bread with kids and the easy version is just to broil or toss the bread and spread melted garlic & herb butter on it. The Black truffle is incredible on steaks. Also the brown sugar & cinnamon adds so much flavor to french toast, pancakes, crapes, etc.
OK so not to toot my own horn but I’m known for my French Toast. The trick is in the bread. I’ve tried so many different types of breads and this one is the only one that stays firm and doesn’t get soggy. My other secret is coconut creamer to add flavor to the toast and of course I coat the pan with this brown sugar & cinnamon butter!
This is the ultimate car snack. I also keep quinoa bars, but this is my favorite. Sometimes my days are so busy that it is 4pm and I haven’t eaten even once. So it’s always nice to not overindulge and keep myself at bay by eating something healthy. I keep these in my glove compartment.
Flowers…. always always flowers.
We love dry fruit over here. Even though these can be high in sugar, sometimes you just need that little sugar rush jolt. No matter how you look at it, these are healthier than candy. We sprinkle dry fruit on oatmeal once a week! I also love to make my own granola bars and add the cherries in there.
You know I love my zero calorie noodles and this is the quickest way to make stir fry with those. Loads of vitamins, nutritionally dense and low calorie! Just what the doctor ordered. Add it with low cal noodles, rice, or zoodles (zucchini noodles)!
I drink celery juice every single morning! Even though I have a juicer, sometimes I simply don’t have time to make the actual juice. So… These SUJA cold pressed celery juices are perfect. I’ve only found them at Trader Joes and they are $2.99 each. So I always buy at least 7 to 8 a week to keep em handy in the fridge.
These are my go to’s when you need a healthy crunch. I love the broccoli florets dipped in salsa!

Ok guys that’s it! That’s my haul… I’ll keep updating as new items come in or other items I love! Simply easy and as you can see with exception to butter our home is dairy free pretty much. We do a lot of goat milk and goat yogurts but try to stay away from cow milk. Personal preference!!!

Happy Trader Joe’s Shopping!!!