I’m so excited to finally bring you this post. I’ve been dying to fill you in and answer all your questions about hair extensions. I mean let’s bust those myths and really get down to the facts with the hair guru extension master himself… Tony Odisho!

This video pretty much sums up all you have to know about hair extensions, the different types of hair and so on and so forth.


It was truly incredible to work with Tony and his team. His skills are crazy and his hair is amazing. Let me start by saying, look at this BEFORE and AFTER shot! In my defense the before shot is my natural hair, washed with a clarified shampoo, no conditioner or styling product in it. It’s crazy coarse, wavy (brushed out) and super frizzy!!! Yes it looks like this… SCARY! Can you see all the breakage too? OMG! This is what happens when you are a natural brunette and you color your hair every four weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really take care of my hair. I do deep conditioning treatments, masks, regular cuts, the whole deal. However after having my beauty #ThaliaSky, I really feel like my hair changed, big time! Mamas you feel me?

I also haven’t been able to grow my own hair out the last few years.  My hair used to be past my chest but these days it’s brittle and dry and breaks all the time. I’ve been playing around with clip in hair extensions and I loved them. So when Tony Odisho reached out to collaborate I was so excited to give extensions a try!

There were so many options for me to chose form. Whether it was the tapes, the keratin fusion, (which is what we decided on) or the velo.

I selected the fusions because as you know I wear my hair up all the time and these are tiny keratin bonds that allow you to easily wear your hair in a high pony or a top knot.

Now that I’ve had these extensions in for a month, I have to tell you… it’s basically like heroin. Not sure how I’m ever going to live without them. I love them so much. I also have to add, that because of how textured my hair is, I was worried it wouldn’t match. Both the color and the texture are a perfect fit!

I can even wear my hair naturally air dried with some product and the wave is exact to my natural wave. Overall if you didn’t know it, you couldn’t tell I have these in. It’s been so much fun wearing these and styling my hair different ways!

Hope you enjoy this video and get some amazing insight into the world of hair extensions!


*Photos + video by Madeline Doherty