Although many don’t like to celebrate Birthdays, I’ve always been the type that loves it. Every day I wake up knowing that each and every day is a gift.

Now don’t get me wrong, my life is no where perfect although it may seem it’s a beautifully curated instagram filter. That’s definitely not the case. I have battles and demons of my own, just like everyone else. However it’s by choice that I chose not to focus on that. I focus on celebrating life and all that it brings my way. I focus on making every day beautiful visually and emotionally.

With that said, every year I do the same exact insta post and add a few things that occurred in that Birthday year. So here we go…

In this life, I immigrated countries, partied my ass off, became an entrepreneur, developed a fashion career, married, had a baby, divorced, met the love of my life, got re-married, and had two more beautiful girls!!! I laughed, cried, broke limbs and hearts and had mine broken. I traveled the world, jumped with a bungee tied to my ankles, shot guns, flew in private jets, rhode motorcycles, dived with sharks, got tattoos, lived with ITP and experienced it’s remission. I’ve LIVED!

Happy Monday Everybody! Feeling very grateful for all your loyal following, love and support today…