Ever since I can remember I’ve always LOVED Birthdays! Sure, growing up it was probably for the presents and attention. Yet as I get older, it’s so meaningful to have another year orbiting our beautiful sun!

Last year I really wanted to do a big Birthday Bash at Marchesa’s Parisian Apartment. Remember my photo shoot there? Well, unfortunately, life happened and we had some family CANCER fun to attend to so celebrating really wasn’t on the agenda.

This spring felt a little lighter in the health and family department and although I wasn’t going to do much, my incredible friends put this dream party of mine together and I couldn’t feel more high on life and more grateful. I really wanted an old school dance party. Sometimes all these sit down events and dinners can make a girl feel old. I also didn’t want to talk. As we get older, sometimes we simply talk too much! I wanted to feel free, young and careless. I wanted to celebrate the way we did back in the day. I wanted everyone to dance and celebrate each other. Music can be such a connector for people. As we age we often forget that. Sometimes Birthdays can be such an egotistical celebration. It’s about ME…ME…ME. My goal?! EVERYONE has to have a good time. This wasn’t a “ME” party, this is a “WE” party! After all, most of the people in these photos have been my friends for decades, and we all started out as club kids on the dance floor!

Thanks to DJ LOVEBONE who happens to be my friend and quite possibly the best DJ in the city, to spin the best 70’s + 80’s and 90’s. The original “CLUB” music! I loved every second of it and based on all your amazing DM’s from my isnta stories so did you. If you guys need a DJ! Look him up, he’s the best. If you need an event space, check out my Marchesa family. Jason and Kathryn know how to not only throw a party but the perfect experience and at the end of the day, that’s what life is all about!

How gorgeous is this Emerald Goede cake by Ohlalaboulangerie.

I hope you’re having a fabulous Monday and that this post inspires you to simply DANCE!