The crazy thing about blogging, besides constantly being sorta in the public eye via social media and such; is that it actually is a bit like my personal diary. It’s nice to sometimes look back and see where I was just a few short years ago when I started documenting my outfits and talking fashion news. Here and there I always sprinkle bits and pieces of my personal life as this is after all MY LIFE!

So perhaps the biggest news of all is…. that YES this IS a baby bump and NO I’m not just sporting a new beer belly!


The hubby and I have always talked about having three kids. Although getting me to bite the bullet took a bit longer then we both thought. It is quite scary to get pregnant again and make a little human with your body no matter how many times you do it, you’re always freaked out, excited and mostly nauseous!


I realize that most of my readers are not preggers, and I certainly still want to keep this blog to mostly fashion! So I’m going to try to go at this one with very minimal maternity clothing. I think in this day and age it should be pretty doable to keep your outfits maternity minimal and transition from pre-pregnancy, to during and after. Therefore really anyone can wear what I wear and still look chic, and if you are thinking about being preggo or are knocked up, well then, this should be easy breezy!



The dresses Baby K and I are wearing are from this new store I found called Monique-Boutique! It’s a new incredible European designer boutique for men, women and kids. I highly recommend to check it out and they don’t only have dresses with fetuses on your belly. Check out the gallery below for all the incredible one of a kind pieces I found while doing a little shopping for the bump and the kiddos!












So there you have it people! Happy LOVE fest!

What we wore: Dresses: 2RU2RA My Booties: Balenciaga Baby K Oxfords: Chupeta


CLICK through the gallery to view all of my favorite pieces from Monique-Boutique!