So things have been absolutely insane!!! I’ve been dying to write this beauty review for months now and haven’t had a second. Sometimes blogging just has to take a back seat. For those of you that don’t have time to read this super detailed post, there is a shopping guide at the end… so scroll down and shop my favorite beauty must haves!

To fill you in on the madness, I’ve been traveling and living in studios styling and shooting. Summer is my busiest time of the year so it’s been absolutely INSANE!!! To top things off I started a new business with my partner in crime, check it out —>

Of course I still have my three kids, one of which is an infant who still wakes up at night, a hubby, who I still love to date and spend alone time with, friends, family…. and… tan-ta-nana… WE ARE MOVING!!! Yes, life is insane my friends, but I live and strive in chaos, so bring on the madness!!!

Now… back to BEAUTY. I’ve been dying to do this product round up for you guys! I think I’ve talked about this before, but my skin went coco for coco puffs during my pregnancy and so I searched high and low experimenting and trying different products out for both my skin, body and hair. Think of me as your personal guinea pig!!!

Let’s start with hair. It’s been exactly 12 weeks since I’ve had my little babe and I’m sad to say, that the inevitable is definitely upon me and I’m losing my Goldie locks one by one. However I’m currently doing everything I can to make this process as painless and un-noticable as possible.

First of, I take the Viviscal vitamins promised to increase hair growth and quality of hair. I have to say, it totally works!!! So if you want fuller, healthier, longer locks definitely try this supplement out. It’s also highly recommended by a ton of hair artists. I’ve met many models on set who have thin hair and live by Viviscal to keep their hair full of life without the extensions.


I love this Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Shampoo by Paul Mitchell. I try to mix it up and switch between this one and the Lemon Sage. I don’t wash my hair daily, my tresses are very dry, but even if you do it’s certainly gentle enough to use on your locks every day. The thickness of my hair feels like it hasn’t decreased even though it’s definitely shedding and I think it’s a mix of these shampoos, sprays and the Viviscal combined.


Once a week I treat my hair with this amazing night mask from Grow Gorgeous. It’s not very expensive, only about $11 and I lather it on, the night before I know I have to wash my hair and then braid it and go to sleep. On days I work from home I do this during the day and wash it off at night if I’m planning on going out. Another product I love from the Grow Gorgeous line is this hair serum. I started using it right after I delivered Thalia. I put it on in the morning, as part of my routine. Then I usually head to work out and take a shower after. However like I’ve said before my hair is very dry so technically I don’t need to wash it out. I use it daily and it doesn’t leave a ton of build up or make my hair feel oily. If you tend to have oilier hair in general make sure you wash it out and maybe put it on at night instead.


Merula Oil is the “IT” hair product currently on the market. It comes in this regular version as well as the light version here. Perfect for girls with finer hair that tends to get more oily. I’m obsessed with the oil. I have to tell you I like Moroccan Oil but this stuff is even better.

My ends are always dry from all the heating tools, and surprise, surprise I’m not a natural blonde. Plus my hair is naturally wavy so it tends to be dry and coarse on it’s own and if that’s also your issue you will LOVE this oil.



Now let’s talk about body and hygiene for a second. I love working out and try to be in the hot yoga studio daily. Sometimes, my schedule gets so crazy that I have to run out of there and go to run errands… don’t judge. This is where YUNI comes in. They have an amazing line of natural products if you simply don’t have time to shower. I love their no-rinse body cleansing foam and shower sheets. I also keep a pack of  shower sheets in my car. You know, just in case 🙂

During the days I do Corepower Sculpt or Pure Barre I tend to get muscle aches and stiffness. I rub the Muscle Recovery Gel and it feels so good on my skin… it’s equivalent of taking a bath in Epsom Salts. Feels amazing!


Ok so I was totally scheptical about all these wrapping things but I do have to say… somehow they work!!! I’ve tried this “IT WORKS” wrap (you have to do a series of three in 72 hours), before an event and my stomach was definitely flatter.

I’ve been very diligent and went back to working out about two and a half weeks postpartum. Since then I’ve worked out from 5 to 7 days a week no matter what. Even with my crazy schedule I have found the time. Whether it’s late at night while kids are in bed or super early crack of dawn while everyone is still sleeping…I had a goal, to be my pre-pregnancy weight by my Birthday which was exactly 8 weeks after giving birth. However, no matter how much I worked out, and when I did get to my pre-preggo weight, my stomach was still a little poochie. I’ve always had one and after three kids it’s definitely bigger. So these wrapps were a life saver when I had to get into a tight dress for an event. I also do waist training and love this one the most!


Now let’s talk about skin!!! You know that exfoliation is the key right? Did you know that men age better because they shave their face and therefore exfoliate daily? DermaFlash is the only at home, safe and hygienic exfoliating device inspired by dermaplaning, a skin treatment for the face available only in medical spas or doctor’s offices. I’ve done it before and it was very pricey but so amazing on my skin. So when I found out I could do this at home for less then at the med-spa I was sold!!!

It’s extremely easy to use and it refinishes skin by removing dead skin cells and built up debris. The device also gently removes facial hair for smooth, luminous, and rejuvenated younger looking skin. Try it, I promise you’ll be hooked!


Ladies… and gents! If you’re a face sleeper like me, literally I sleep with two pillows squishing my face and wake up with a face that looks like a prune with a lions mane on top. My poor husband. This is no bueno! Well, I think I found the solution. I’m not a big Rodan + Fields girl. I’ve actually never used their products long enough to like them because the samples all those ladies give you are so tiny and you can only use them once. In my opinion it’s definitely not enough to know whether a product actually works or if it’s a marketing gimmick! With exception to this bad boy!

This Acute Care comes in sticker like strips that fill wrinkles while you sleep, no needle required! R+F Acute Care Strips are an effective and less expensive alternative to injectable fillers, and are perfect for someone who wants to avoid the needle. To apply, simply place the strip over the wrinkle, then press down on the strip to activate the liquid cones, which release hyaluronic acid and age-defying peptides (the same ingredients in fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm) into the wrinkle overnight.




I love a good scent. Perfume is so special and nostalgic. How many times has a scent transformed you into a place, or brought out that feeling of love, happiness and romance?! Obsessed with the new fragrance Remember When by MAIR. It’s a citrus floral scent that smells just like the moment you step out of a fresh shower. It’s a soft fragrance so I can go about my day not worrying if I’m too pungent around others.  Plus, get this! Remember When by MAIR is handmade right here in the USA. The main notes in it are, Italian Bergamot, Jasmine and Amber with refreshing hints of pear and zesty lemon. So so good!


Finally, the way I store all my beauty and make-up is in these amazing lucite cases. I found some super inexpensive ones here!!! I also love these for jewelry as well.