As I sit here reflecting on being grateful I can’t help but feel a little emotional and a bit sad. This post, in my mind was supposed to be a happy image of my entire immediate and extended family. Eating, drinking and doing very thankful “Thanksgiving” things.

Instead, this year we are all separated. As you may already know, both of my girls caught the flu and we are now quarantine until further notice. It’s such a bummer and seems so unfair… so it got me thinking. How many people out there don’t have that “HAPPY” moment to share with their family and loved ones. How many times I myself take health, my kids and my life for granted. How life is not a planned situation and anything can happen any given moment.

So as I sit here, I am grateful for this very moment. For being healthy to take care of my babies, for my family, who are not all with me, right now, at this moment, but who love me deeply and are always there for me regardless of location.

My husband, who I’m lucky to call my best friend. My life line and my biggest critic and cheerleader which is crucial to this relationship.

My kids, who drive me absolutely crazy, but who make me complete. You are my legacy!

I am grateful for my friends. My true, real, beautiful inside and out humans. Those friends that get me at my lowest and celebrate me at my highest.

You guys! My followers. For allowing me to do what I do daily and actually make a living doing it.

I am thankful!