Oh summer… I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. It’s always so bittersweet when summer comes to an end. On one hand, sending kids to school can be such a relief, especially when you’re a mom. On the other, it’s always so nice to hang with them and savor every moment.

This summer has been super eventful. I always like to reflect back and think about all the fun things we did. Tons of boating with family and friends. A trip to Cedar Point, the Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh Pop Up, and my first Windy City SmokeOut! It was a damn good summer! Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and reflect on everything that happened and everything we did.

I also learned so much about myself. This summer I made a conscious decision to let go of the Instagram algorithms and post whatever, whenever. I decided that likes don’t define me and I am who I am. Seems so obvious but can be very difficult when this is your livelihood. The thing is, you either like and follow me or you don’t. Staying authentic, (I actually hate this word), and not giving a shit about pleasing everyone. My goal is to make genuine real connections and to not only show off all the free stuff I get… which I’m totally grateful for. However, I want you to walk away from my Instagram or my blog learning something. Anything really. Whether it be a new brand, make-up, and styling tricks, or all the health issues I have talked about.

I’ve also learned about patience. It’s difficult having a career, raising three kids and trying to be a good wife and a friend. I’m one of those women that become empowered by trying to do it all. However, I sometimes don’t have the patience for my family. I’m trying to cook and clean and work… and I forget to just listen. So I’ve really been working on patience all summer long. It’s so difficult to master, isn’t it?!

As always… I’m grateful for the journey you’ve taken with me… it’s the reason I do what I do. Sharing really connects us at the end of the day, and I have so much more to share!