Let’s keep it real. Coronavirus talk is everywhere and it’s so scary to think that many of us may get this frightening disease. Although we can’t really predict who gets it, how and what the outcomes may be. We surely can do everything in our power to try to protect ourselves. Gear is one thing, but what about what actually goes in your body. Boosting your immunity?

I’ve always been a very mindful and healthy eater (Find other posts about that here) However, because I believe I get most of my nutrients from food, I haven’t been very diligent in my vitamin/supplements intake. That is until now. The last four weeks in quarantine it has become a ritual to take my Lýsi fish oils.

Fish oils are extremely powerful supplements. They can boost your immune system, relieve sore joints, give a boost to your skin and protect your heart. Speaking of heart, did you know that Covid-19 can leave long-lasting heart damage? That’s why now, is a crucial time to protect yourself. Your immunity, your heart! Fish oil is essential, and not just any fish oil, but one that is packed with essential Omega-3s, and one that comes from the purest fish caught in the unpolluted Icelandic waters, ensuring a product that is made from the purest ingredients. That is why Lýsi is my fish oil of choice. Believe me, I did all the leg work and research! Lýsi’s principal products are cod liver oil and other fish oil products such as Omega-3 and shark liver oil.

The story of Lýsi began in 1938 with two brothers, Tryggvi and Thordur Olafsson. With their innovative and visionary mindsets, they founded a company that soon became Iceland’s largest producer of cod liver oil – which it continues to be to this day.

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