Hello Spring! I love this time of the year… I’m in Chicago, so as soon as the snow melts we are hosting galore, bbq’ing and I’m thinking ways of table-scaping with florals and gorgeous colors. That’s the thing, for me, hosting is all about stunning ambiance, delicious healthy food and incredible drinks that are equally as healthy as they are beautiful.

I’m crazy about what my guests and I put into our bodies, so when I learned about Bravazzi, I knew I needed to have these drinks at my next party!!! I mean can we talk about how stunning these Bravazzi sodas are?! Not only are they gorgeous, they come in four juicy flavors, are all natural, (nothing artificial!) & made with real fruit juices! They’re also GLUTEN FREE for all of you that follow that diet plan.

Once you pop that can open you can’t not smell the incredible aroma of the flavors. My favorite? The grapefruit! It’s so delicious and refreshing. I garnished these hard soda’s with some frozen berries and they were an stellar hit. Want another recipe? Make an Bravazzi Italian Hard Soda sangria by pouring your favorite flavor into a bowl, adding some frozen peaches and berries and have your guests relish in the yumminess!

I also love that these Bravazzi hard sodas come in cans. They’re super easy to bring on boats, pool parties, etc. Please note, that as yummy and delicious as these smell… they really do smell and look like authentic Italian Soda. These do have alcohol in them. So drink responsibly 21 and over only please. They certainly give you a nice YUMMY BUZZ!

Bring on the good weather, the color and the incredible vibes! I’m SPRING -HOSTING-READY!!!

*In partnership with Bravazzi, although all opinions are my own! I really love these juicy hard sodas!