As this year is quickly wrapping up and coming to an end it’s so fun to reflect on all the incredible experiences that blogging has brought my way. I’m so honored and grateful to be able to work from home, include my kids in majority of what I do and bring you these wonderful experiences that come my way through this outlet. It’s humbling, wonderful and I hope that by reading my blog you too get inspired and experience some if not all of these.

Last weekend was one of those beautiful opportunities we got to enjoy as a family. Checking into the luxurious Swissôtel and experiencing the Santa Suite! We stayed in the gorgeous two bedroom apartment aka “Kids Suite” if you will, fully decked out for the holidays. Think bowling in the room, tons of snacks, blocks and soft toys for #ThaliaSky and a movie library theaters dream about.

As a little child celebrating the holidays, specifically if you celebrate Christmas you always dream of Santa! Thinking about all those presents and trying so hard to be a good boy or girl, especially a few weeks right before Christmas or New Years! I say New Years because in the former USSR where I’m from we had “Ded Moroz” aka “Grandpa Frost”. Because growing up in communism, holidays, especially religious ones were somewhat skewed. What we had was the Russian version of Santa, who came to people’s houses, on New Years eve. Typically it was your uncle or dad dressed in a Santa suit, (as I so painfully found out at the precious age of six). He’d bring you those presents you were longing for and it was magic!

I grew up believing in “Grandpa Frost” and somehow the concept has stayed the same for my kids as well. Every year they wish for Santa to bring them their favorite gifts and although it’s crazy hard, they do their best to stay off that Naughty list! Full disclosure we are also half Jewish and proud. We celebrate holidays not for religious purposes but for the ability to create memories and bring family together. I personally grew up with a Menorah next to a New Years Tree as we like to call it and I do the same with my family now!

But I digress. This weekend was about our magical experience with Santa. The Swissôtel does such an amazing job transforming the Presidential Suite on the hotel’s 41st floor into Grandpa Frosts official home-away-from-Pole!

I’m telling you it’s magical and you must check it out. Want to know another crazy detail?! The experience of the Santa Suite is completely FREE and open to the public. Not the staycation itself but certainly the visit! Below please find the schedule of upcoming events and do put this on your calendar as a festive thing to do!

A little side-note… Hubby didn’t get the PJ’s memo and I woke up Sunday morning with pink eye in both eyes. True story and real life… not all is always perfect. However I wasn’t going to be a Grinch and spoil kids private breakfast with Santa. So it was sunnies + a magical flower crown from Crowning Event to make me look all kinds of Festive Boho Chic!