If you’ve been following along on social you know that I’m on a major Holiday Kick! Every year around this time I get so into taking my kids to do and see everything HOLIDAYS! At one point they always ask why does Santa always look so different. If anyone has a good explanation for this,  please message me!

Last week I ventured out to the incredible pop-up bar in Wrigleyville called SANTA BABY BAR! First time I went was with my friend Jo Grange.  After doing the adult “girls night” at SANTA BABY, and spending a quarter of the eve FaceTiming my hubby and kids to share how insane this place was, I knew I had to go back!

We went back on a Saturday at 11am. The place was filled with kiddos and there was so much to do for kids and adults a like. We spent over five hours there and had to drag ourselves and kids out. So yes! I highly recommend you go before it’s gone. This by the way is totally not sponsored, I just LOVED this experience the most.

If you don’t have kiddos this place is fabulous for adults. The upstairs is a nightclub that plays 80’s and 90’s music. There are board games, fun drinks, amazing music and well, you can tell how kick ass the decor is, so the insta moments are beyond fun!

That’s all I got for ya! Stay tuned for much more fun HOLIDAY CONTENT coming out next week. In the meantime, if you’re interested visiting SANTA BABY, use code HELEN5 to get $5 off each ticket!