I’m no stranger to CBD and all its incredible benefits. However when it comes to the perfect brand to use it gets a bit confusing as the market is just so saturated. Let me tell you, not all CBD products are created equal and not all of them work.

When SACRED reached out to do a collaboration I was intrigued and excited. I loved their messaging and I loved even more that they were a local brand, located essentially in my back yard. I’m all about supporting “LOCAL” and this was how this perfect partnership started.

There are so many reasons one may want to use CBD.

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Muscle Soreness
  3. Swelling
  4. Stress Relief
  5. Anxiety Relief
  6. Acne Reducer
  7. Sleep Aid

And so many others! I personally love it and after using SACRED I saw major relief on the swelling and pain of my ankle.

I love the story of SACRED which was developed by Silvia Orizaba who got into the world of CBD, because she experienced back pain, something I totally can relate to. During my first pregnancy I had debilitating sciatica to the point where I couldn’t walk from my couch to my bedroom. With more pregnancies and after seeing several doctors I have dealt with chronic back pain for over 13 years. Several doctors wanted me to get on heavy doses of pain killers and even surgery. However, I felt there was a better way. I really got into strengething my core with pilates and yoga and have since introduced CBD to my routine. It truly has been a savior.

I loved SACRED products. Especially the little deodorant like body stick. I used it on my swollen ankle daily for two weeks and it really worked. I twisted my ankle while running and I’m pretty sure I tore a ligament. It was swollen and painful for over two months. I started using the body stick and it alleviated majority of the swelling and the pain. Pretty incredible! I also was extremely diligent in using the vanilla tincture nightly to help aid my sleep!

I know that there are so many CBD products out there, and if you’re not sure which ones and what to use. I highly recommend and stand behind SACRED. A female local brand that I’m proud to partner and be an ambassador for! If you’re interested in trying SACRED use code Berkun and get 40% OFF your order!

Happy Friday and stay healthy my friends!