Now that we are all on lockdown, this is your chance to take extra care of your hair. As most of us work from home, tend to kids, home school, cook clean, etc. One thing we are not doing is going out. So… this is the perfect time to nurture your tresses. When else will you get a chance to let go of heat and styling tools, mask and nourish your hair, and drench it in avocados, beer, or coconut oil?

Here are a few of my easy tips and tricks on how to get your locks back to life!

Buy…and use…a humidifier 

Everyone and their mother talk about how drinking water is the secret to healthy skin. However, increasing the humidity in your bedroom at night or at your desk can go miles for fighting dry hair and skin. Indoor heating during the winter sucks the moisture right out of ya. Humidifiers can help keep your hair, and the rest of you, hydrated and healthy…did I mention shinier?

Cool it on the extra hot showers 

Hot hot hot showers are so lovely but they’re not the best choice when you’re trying to protect your locks from dry winter weather. Hot water leeches the moisture from your hair and leaves it brittle and fragile. Washing your hair in lukewarm water and then hitting it with cold at the last possible second will seal in all the moisture and make it nice and shiny. Not to mention you will feel like a SHARK and be ready to tackle the day with that cool blast!

Unplug the hairdryer

Let your hair air dry as often as possible, if not all the time. You aren’t going anywhere, so let it air dry! High heat can be too harsh on our hair. This keeps the breakage and frizz to a minimum. I like to wash mine at night and let it air dry as I sleep. This makes for some craaazy bedhead some mornings but it’s healthier for it.

Keep your wet hair indoors

Wet hair is super vulnerable to damage in the cold months, especially when it’s freeezzzizinging (just thinking about it makes me chatter). That freezing air is so dangerous on saturated hair because it can break your strands. As a blonde, I don’t need help breaking my hair. It honestly is better to blow dry your hair than go outside if you’re short on time. Obviously, if you are living in warmer climates this little fact is not for you. Go on and get out there and let that hair air dry in the warm humid wind!

Deep condition once a week…maybe twice

Moisturizing is your hair bff! I linked some of my fav masks below. I am currently obsessed with the LapCos Hair Mask. I love how it comes in a little packet with a hat, is super affordable, and truly made my hair so soft and manageable. Deep conditioning masks are the best for keeping hair protected and soft. I find that it even keeps static at bay. I love to rock a wet look and sometimes in the morning, I’ll slick a mask into my hair and smooth it into a bun. Then as I run around with a busy day, my hair is working just as hard to soak in all the goodness.

If you want to go the natural route and use the goodies in your pantry that’s totally ok as well. Make an avocado mask, (simply mash up avocado and a little warm olive oil and rub it on your head), cover your head with a towel or a shower cap and leave on while playing a board game or watching your favorite show and rinse. You can also rinse your hair with beer, (any beer will do) for an extra boost of shine. I love drenching my hair in coconut oil. If your hair is on the oily side, only add to ends. You can do the same with olive or avocado oil but I like to warm those up.

Finally… if you’re like me, so many of you are overdue for a root touch up or color. Please don’t color your hair yourself. However, there are plenty of kits out there to help eliminate grays or roots. I love the heat-activated ones and they work wonders. A few favorites below. If you are desperate and need to really get in there, this Clairol Root Touch-Up works wonders and is super easy to use.

Here are some of my at-home hair heroes!

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