I’ve always had a LOVE // HATE relationship with the color pink. When we first moved to the states I begged my mom to color my entire room pink. It was what imagined all American girls had and I wanted to be just like them.




In high school I was too cool (or so I thought), too bad ass, and too goth to admit I ever liked the girly hue. Fast forward to today, and my obsession with everything pink has been rekindled.




I don’t think looking like a bubble gum, candy coated, sprinkle covered, frosting dipped, cotton candy confection has ever felt so right!


I hope you’re having a fabulous Valentine’s Day, whether you are a pink lover or not really doesn’t matter. Today is all about LOVE and we all need it.

I know this holiday is rather tough for some, however remember loving starts from within… I encourage you to LOVE yourself and spread that mushy feeling to one another.