You know I’m a make-up fanatic! As many products as I try, I do have to say, they don’t all always have to be expensive. There are incredible products out there that are drugstore brands. One of which is Physicians Formula. When this partnership came to me, I was so excited. Honestly I’ve used Physicians Formula since High School because of it’s medical and hypoallergenic properties. It’s perfect for sensitive skin.

It all started in 1937, when leading allergist Dr. Frank Crandall created Physicians Formula as an expression of love for his wife Edith, who suffered from lupus and longed for makeup that wouldn’t aggravate her sensitive skin. Physicians Formula was born and has been used by teens and women all over the country for decades. As you can imagine, the brand also has been developed more and more with the times and the products only get better.

I always start my make-up with a good serum or moisturizer, love this Rosé All Day Oil-Free Serum.

A good primer is a must and this Spotlight Illuminating Primer gives your skin that amazing highlight and glow.

The applicator on these The Healthy Foundation is the bomb dot com! I usually get two colors to match my skin perfectly, plus it’s great if you use a self tanner like I do. These foundations are also packed with SPF20 major win!

I used the SUPER CC COLOR-CORRECTION + CARE CC CONCEALER SPF 30 under eyes only and this one has SPF 30 in it. So you can also wear it alone and to cover up some pesky discolorations or zits!

I locked in my foundation and concealer with a little MINERAL WEAR TALC-FREE MINERAL AIRBRUSHING PRESSED POWDER SPF 30. I love this one, it’s super light and not at all cakey.

Ok, you don’t have to do this for day but this SUPER BB #INSTAREADY™ CONTOUR TRIO BB STICK SPF 30 highlight and contour stick is awesome. I used it in this tutorial, I love a good creamy contour stick!

So you know I usually use my Tom Ford bronzer, and have for years but… I have to say, the last two weeks I’ve been cheating on good ol’Tommy with this Murumuru Butter Bronzer. It’s amazing and does not make you look orange like other bronzers. The Butter Blush and Butter Highlighter is amazing as well. They look like a powder consistency but are a bit creamy in texture which gives your skin that natural blush glow.

I always use an eyeshadow primer on my eyes. I love these #InstaReady™ Eye Primer Duo. One is matt which is the one I used in this tutorial, yet I also used the shimmer one which you can wear alone or under make-up to give it that extra glittery pop.

Now for the eyes. I used the SHIMMER STRIPS CUSTOM EYE ENHANCING EXTREME SHIMMER SHADOW, and the SHIMMER STRIPS CUSTOM EYE ENHANCING EXTREME SHIMMER EYELINER TRIO. I also like to double up on my mascara to make my lashes as thick and long as possible, I honestly barely have lashes of my own. I used the Killer Curves Mascara and the Sexy Booster™ Cat Eye Collection Mascara. Finally, I finished off my eyes with the Brow Last Longwearing Brow Gel

The final step… lips of course. I went for the beautiful red for this look although I wore the pink just yesterday. I love these Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick. They go on liquid and dry on a velvet matt and stay on FOREVER!

Below are all the products I used from Physicians Formula to get this look! Most of which you can get at ULTA or AMAZON.