I don’t know about you but,  one of my all-time favorite beauty products has always been perfume. Ever since I can remember, my grandmother taught me that the most memorable and nostalgic part about a woman is her scent. There’s nothing better than dowsing yourself in a fragrance that truly creates memories and makes you feel sexy, empowered, clean and romantic. 

With my love of fragrances, I have become super picky about what I use. Anything that’s too overpowering or has an alcohol hit when you spray is a hard NO for me. 

I’ve had a couple of “signature scents” over the years, and I love to switch up my perfume based on the season, or even my mood, so I’m always looking for my new favorite bottle. 

Beauty has been moving in a clean direction in the last few years, which I’m all for trying. But when I first learned about a clean perfume company called PHLUR, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to pick a fragrance online that I have never smelled before. Then I took a look at their site!

PHLUR’s site has everything you need to know about each scent. They have mood boards with stunning pictures and even music playlists that sum up each fragrance perfectly. Just looking at them and reading the descriptions, I really felt like I knew which perfume would best suit my style and mood.

PHLUR’s team curates these mood boards that are designed to capture a place, feeling or emotion, and then they hand them over to master perfumers to let them work their magic. I instantly fell in love with everything about the Améline mood board. All of the images evoked classic femininity, and I love subtle hints of floral, so it sounded perfect for me. 

A couple of other fragrances caught my eye, too. I loved that you can order 3 scents for only $18. PHLUR describes Olmsted and Vaux as “Bright, crisp and clean. like an invigorating morning walk through Central Park” – how incredible does that sound? I knew I needed to try it, because as much as I love the girlie scents, sometimes you just need a spritz of something that’s clean and minimalist. 

What I love most is that PHLUR is free from all the bad stuff. It doesn’t have any parabens, phthalates or toxins, and is super kind to people with sensitive skin. Because of this, Kalista has been stealing a spritz here or there before school, and I’m totally ok with that! My love for fragrance also came at a young age. 

PHLUR’s fragrances do not disappoint. Scent is known to be closely associated with memory, and anytime I spray some of my favorite bottles, I’m transported back to some of my most wonderful memories. 

What is your favorite scent?

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