Girls Night at Winestyr Chicago

Last week I hosted a very intimate and adorable WINO night for a few of my girlfriends. It was the perfect thing to do on a Thursday night, to unwind, catch up and sample some of the niche boutique-y wines.

The Chicago Lounge owned by Winestyr was the perfect way to get introduced to their wine club. Yep! We have an actual wine cub right here in the Windy City! The lounge itself is simply adorable and perfect for girls nights, friends nights and has these adorable little nooks for date nights! I was sold!

We got to try all of their different wines over hors d’oeuvres… my favorite was definitely the Pinot Noir. I also loved hearing all about where the wines came from and all the lovely personal stories of the vineyards and their owners. It’s so rare that you get to know the people that actually make your wines. Most wines are mass produced and I just loved the stories that went along with each sip.

This may sounds crazy… I know! But the following day we weren’t even hungover…makes you wonder what gets put into the wines that do deliver next day regrets.

Most of the wineries Winestyr works with, produce 1,000 – 10,000 cases per year so they are very niche wines that you can’t find on a grocery store shelf. All the wines are impossible to find elsewhere and that makes them that much more special.

So here’s how the club works! You pick one of two options based on what you like, mixed red and white or all reds. Pick if you want 3 bottles or 6 per shipment and how regularly you would like them shipped, once a month, every other month or quarterly. In this curated box, you get 3 or 6 high end and delish bottles, a Winestyr wine tote bag, tasting notes and a members-only wine corkscrew. The best part of these deliveries? You can pause, change or cancel your shipment. They’re all about customer service. Click here for more info!

I gotta say, this might be my favorite hosting hack. The box of six ensures that no matter who comes for dinner or what I am cooking I always have the perfect pairing! If you try it out leave me a comment and tell me what you thought!

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