The other day I took my little babe Thalia Sky to the Botanic Garden to see Orchids in Vogue, an incredible orchid exhibit that comes once a year in March. I remember just having T and taking her last year when she was 6 days old. Oh how time flies….

_MG_5029 _MG_5030

Now she’s a few weeks shy of one and I’ve learned so much this year. As our family grew, one thing is for certain I’ve embraced and fell in love with being a mama of three. It’s been such an incredible journey, but I’ve also learned that having so many kids is hard on them because they all want individual time with me desperately. Between being a mamma, wife, entrepreneur and friend, it’s definitely been a struggle…

_MG_5074 _MG_5060

I’ve had to become much more picky about the projects I do take on and definitely cut down on travel. Hubby and I go over our schedules and make sure my time away truly makes sense.

My priority is individual time, for each and every one of my babes. After all, time flies so fast and sooner or later they will feel like they know it all and won’t need so much of me…

_MG_4935 _MG_4929 _MG_4927

K and I love to shop, get our nails done, watch musicals and movies. N and I do little date nights, skate and play video games, while Baby T loves to snuggle, take long walks at the Botanic Garden (we’ve spent so much time here), play at the park and bop to music! They’re all so special and individual and they all love and need me… it’s the most incredible feeling in the world!

Here are some pix from the Orchids in Vogue show. I highly recommend it. It was so gorgeous and warm! Really felt like a mini tropical getaway filled with beauty, and incredible aromas!

I hope you have an amazing weekend everyone!!!


What I wore: Top: SheIn more gorgeous options HERE // Jeans: Banana Republic similar HERE // Clutch: H&M similar HERE // Flats: SheIn // Sunnies: Dita similar HERE