For those that haven’t been following along, I’ve launched a clothing line in May. Well, sorta. I did a test drive this summer and it’s been going really well. To be very transparent, I don’t design the clothes but I found an amazing manufacturer that I’ve been working with and am hand selecting, and finely curating pieces just for you, my followers! If a sample comes and the quality is not good, or the colors are off, or the fit is not right, the item never goes into production. So, that’s exactly how @BERKUNstyles was born!

I was originally going to do an e-comm shop but later realized that my insta business was doing so well there was no point in adding on to it. I’m not sure I want to be a huge retailer to be completely honest and for now I’m doing exactly what I need be doing. So to answer all of your questions, the e-comm shop is finished but I’m holding off on it’s lunch and continuing to sell via instagram, direct emails, etc.

 It’s very small, finely curated and feels a bit more exclusive!

So if you’re interested, pease DM me and make sure you’re following the @BERKUNstyles account for new pieces curated be ME!

Now, back to this #BERKUNstyles dress! Which to choose…the everyday or the evening option? Why not both!  I am absolutely in love with this stunning piece. The best part about it is that you can wear it to night and it transitions pretty seamlessly.  Who says you can’t wear sequins during the day… not I! I vacuum in heels after all. Okay, so maybe I’m a little extra, but I promise you this. I’ve paired this dress with sneakers, with a t under and wore a button down on top to just show off the skirt part. This dress is much more versatile than one would think!

The toughest part about always being on the go is making sure my outfit is transition-able from one activity to the next. This dress styled both ways shows a casual option and evening version for any-day, anytime.

We tend to “fall” into Fall’s dull color hues and patterns but why not make a statement? A little bit of sequence never hurt anybody!  Plus silver, metallics is the must hue of 2019!


Day Time Option:

Pair this mid-length stunner with a black bootie, sheer mock neck top, and leather hat to give this dress that every day feeling no matter the occasion. Comfortable is an understatement with this piece. It gives you the best silhouette with the unique plaid texture but also has the length and flowing bottom to give that effortless appearance.

Evening Option:

With a dress this awesome, keep it simple. On that night out with friends or date night with your better half, pair this dress with the newest trend of metallic heels and even add a leather jacket over your shoulder to add another layer.