Ahhhh Mother’s Day! That highly anticipated holiday where if you don’t have children you spend a quiet day at the spa with your mommy and it’s magical! However if you do have little rug rats chances are you feel too guilty to leave them to actually enjoy this day solo… after all you are a “mother”!

Now if you have as many children as I do, and I’m also very close to the rest of my family, getting a table for 15+ and thinking about all those kids at a fancy brunch, well, that pretty much gives me more anxiety then partying all night and having to actually be a mommy the next day.

So this year, we decided to simplify and have a quiet family brunch at my brother and sister-in-laws house. It definitely was a no stresser for me… thank you brother & sis! We hung out, BBQ’d, ate a ton of food and drank some amazing rosé. Hubby even got to snuggle up with T for a nap. All in all it was pretty flawless.

Also wanted to share this amazing collab I did with Zenni Optical. I’ve worked with them before, if you remember the Mexico post, and love their glasses and sunnies. As many of you already know I’m a little blind bat and most of my sunnies are prescription which can cost close to $1K if you go the designer route. After finding Zenni’s I really don’t spend that much on sunnies or reading glasses at all. I get it all through them. It’s super easy, you pop in your prescription, take a nice photo of your face so you can try on the glasses and sunglasses virtually and basically you can get them shipped to you starting as little as under $10. No I’m totally serious!!! Now you know why I’m so obsessed!

Another fun fact! Zenni’s started a ‘MOMMY & ME’ line, cause Twinning is Winning! I personally love getting matchy matchy with my girls as you can see HERE. Anyway, K always asks me about my glasses because I typically always have them on. So we got her a non-prescription kind and she loves em. Even wears them to school now, it’s so cute! She’s definitely taking the whole Geeky Chic look to another level!

I hope you all had a fabulous week and are getting geared for the weekend. I’ll be hosting an event with GILT all weekend so come see me and say hi. More info HERE!