This past weekend was amazing. Weather was gorgeous, it was hubby’s and our Thalia’s one month Birthday so we literally spent all weekend celebrating!!!


On Sunday we decided to do brunch at one of my favorite spots in the city, Café des Architectes at Sofitel Hotel. It was a gorgeous day to eat al fresco and walk around Gold Coast. A little side note… my family and I are not big brunchers. Actually, I just had this conversation with a few girlfriends last week about how everyone’s family dynamic is so different. Some kids and parents sleep in, others wake up super early and want food right away and then there is our clan…we always wake up and head to the gym! Yes, with our kids. My hubby and I are work out fiends…it’s literally our sanity, heck I went back to CorePower Yoga this time a little over two weeks postpartum. We typically either get outside or go downstairs to our home gym, (perks of living in the burbs) and then have a quick smoothie or granola after. Kids are part of that plan. They literally wake up super early and go downstairs to punch the boxing bag, do sit ups, push ups and planks almost every morning before school. You may think we’re nuts, but I think it’s pretty awesome for my children to learn the importance of fitness early on!

I digress…



With Mother’s Day just around the corner I couldn’t help but think how perfect our day was and how much I wanted to share it with you. I honestly never intended for our little #SundayFunday to become an entire blog feature. However, upon arriving to Sofitel a few friends of the hotel set up a little Pre-Mamas-Day tasting menu for us that was insanely delicious and awarded kiddos with some super awesome gifts. Even Bébé Thalia Sky got some “magical slippers that transform you to Paris” while she sweetly slept in her stroller.


Kalista got mini M&M’s Waffles with  fruit and Natan chose the Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a hot chocolate on the side. Little Nugget has a major sweet tooth! There is actually a full kids menu which is amazing…. how often can you say that a French restaurant is kid friendly?!

The best part I have to say was the little Macaroon painting set the chef sent over. It was super cool!!! While kids painted, (all the paint was made out of chocolate and the flowers were edible too), their adorable macaroons, hubby and I got to relax and have a few cocktails! This is what #SundayFunday with kids looks like 😉





I guess the moral of the story is this… First of #SundayFunday is totally doable with three kids in tow and it’s pretty awesome! The key is to keep the kiddos busy so you can enjoy adult time, it’s all a balancing act. With Café des Architectes being so awesome and kid friendly, I highly recommend booking your Mother’s Day Brunch there so you can enjoy adult time, celebrate being a mama, eat amazing food, have a couple of cocktails and not worry about the kids!


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What I wore: Dress: Banana Republic (ON SALE) // Heels: Valentino // Jacket: Zara similar HERE // Sunnies: Dior similar style steal HERE 

Kids are wearing my new favorite brand LOLA + THE BOYS