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Rise and shine!! Welcome to my morning (and night) routine with SK-II.  I have to let you in on a little secret…I was notorious for never taking care of my skin, using any bar soap, YES… ZEST (fully clean) was one of them, to wash my face. No moisturizer, nothing. In my teens and 20’s it was easy to get away with doing or I should say not doing much with my skin. Now in my mid 30’s I see some fine lines and my skin changing so I definitely take more care of my face. Here is where SK-II comes in. I love the line! It makes my skin look and feel incredible and I’m constantly complimented on the way my skin looks and that I look much younger then my age… we’re not talking about my maturity level 🙂 I act like I’m 12 most of the time.

I just added the SK-II Esential Power Eye Cream to my routine and am already seeing fabulous results.  This mighty eye cream targets the 3 key points around the eye; the under eye, eyelid, & corner.  Perfect if you ask me! I’m no “Posh Victoria Beckham Spice” and smiling, laughing and using expressions in my face is a must in my world, which gives me fine lines and crows feet around the eyes. When it comes to night time I add the facial treatment mask a few times a week.  I make sure to use the mask whenever I have an event coming up so my skin will glow!





 Shop a few of my favorites below!



1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This is a must have! One of SK-II most award winners and best sellers.  Get crystal clear skin! Available HERE

2. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. Trust me on this one.  Your face will GLOW after using this mask.  I use this before an event to look extra radiant! Available HERE

3. SK-II Essential Power Essence.  Helps to restore your skins resilience.  Delays skin aging and reduces pore size. Available HERE

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion.  I love this toner.  It helps to remove dirt and exfoliate.  Available HERE

5. SK-II Essential Power Eye Cream.  Available HERE


Photos By Sarah Tennant