CALLING THE 1990’S. LOGOS ARE BACK and hotter than ever!

Thats right my friends, I’m sure you’ve noticed since last fall, that logo mania is here again. Shirts, belts, purses etc. You name it. Fashion labels have reacted fast to splatting their names everywhere. You can thank big designers like Fendi and models like Gigi Hadid for the recent jump with this trend.

I much like Gigi jumped on the trend as well. Fendi looks good on everyone not just supermodels 🙂

While monogrammed labels are hot so is just a big ole name splattered on a tee or hoodie. In the winter I basically lived in my Gucci hoodie. Its my perfect lounge-wear look.

If you’re looking to rock names like Saint Laurent, Burberry, Balmain or similar high end designers Neiman Marcus + MatchesFashion carries a ton of very fun graphic tees, bags, shoes alike. Average shirt cost is $200. Don’t fret if you feel that is too costly for a t-shirt. They have a clearance section too.

Other sites like ASOS, REVOLVE, RIVER ISLAND and AKIRA have a plethora of logo items for a much cheaper price. You can wear Tommy, Addidas, Levis, Champion and Reebok, just to name a few, to represent a more street style feel.

What do you think? You digging this trend? Clearly I am!!!