You may have already read the Chicago Suntimes SPLASH feature of my “LE BÉBÉ SPRINKLE” but I wanted to write about all the magical details of this special day myself and share with you some more pictures….duh!

If you’ve had enough, tough luck! This is after all, somewhat of my personal diary and I’m hoping that one day my BÉBÉ T stumbles upon this post knowing how much she was loved and celebrated even before she physically appeared into this crazy world.


My “SPRINKLE” which in reality was way more like a “FLOOD” was thrown by my incredible, beautiful inside-and-out girlfriends and mama Berkun.


Apparently a “SPRINKLE” is basically a small gathering to celebrate an unborn child, when that child is no longer the first born. Now, let me be honest here. I had a pretty big shower for my Nugget (first born) and my Alice in Wonderland themed Baby Shower which was also supposed to be a “SPRINKLE” for Baby K was not any smaller. So naturally Bébé T was gonna get the same love all around…. oh my poor mama and girls!!! So so grateful for you!


Everyone that knows me, knows I love a fabulous party! Go big or go home is my motto in life. So I knew that I had the perfect squad of babes to make my French Fête come to life. I made a Pinterest board, basing everything around the baby’s nursery…which of course I’ll make sure to write about later. The girls took that board and ran with it… no details were spared, I’m not kidding when I tell you that. It was visual perfection!


Fashion is such a huge part of my life and so I wanted everything to be black, white and gold with pops of pink. All the guests were asked to wear black and white and Baby K and I wore a pretty mix of peaches and pinks.


DL LOFT was the perfect setting for this soirée. Not only is Debi Lilly the French connoisseur, her loft is filled with French flair perfection and magnifique light!

 I love a ton of natural light, the photographer in me is always thinking of the images that can be created. Debi’s place is perfectly flooded with light, even though the SPRINKLE turned out to be on a rainy, January in Chicago. Which by the way, created a romantic juxtaposition of raindrops rolling off the giant windows, against burning candles and flowers inside the loft. It was simply beautiful….

The photographs came out stunning! Ok, let’s not forget I had my amazing friend and photographer Hallie Duesenberg running around not missing a beat the entire day!






All the waiters and food came from one of my favorite Russian Restaurants in the North Shore, Petergof. Think caviar, crepes, smoked salmon rouleaux, and cured Italian meats on crostinis. Yum and Yum!


I got all my hostess gifts from T&J Designs. I love supporting local, not to mention one of my great friends is the CEO of the brand!



Of course no party is complete without a fabulous dessert table. These delicacies by Marina were not only gorgeous but they were also delicious!


The Chanel brigade! How cool is this? Wish they were all mine…


Now to one of my favorite and most meaningful parts of the party! Remember when I posted this picture on instagram and mentioned my meeting at She Beads?! Well, the work meeting turned into an idea for the SPRINKLE.

She Beads is a super cool store that makes it’s own beads. Not only that, they have what they call intention beads, which basically are beads with literally intentions in them. Think The Secret in jewelry! What you put out, you get back in, right?!

Sandy, one of the owners and the sweetest woman alive, is also an astrologer. She makes the beads at certain times when planets align and puts intentions in there. She Beads also hosts Moon Circle Parties where you create your own beads, with your own intention, during different aspects of the moon. How cool is that?!

I really wanted to get gifts for all my guests and I didn’t want the typical cookie or cake pop take-away, although we did those as well. Prior to the party, I had all the guests give me their birth information. Time, date, location and Sandy had all of their charts printed for them. It was wonderful and all the guests loved it. Everyone personally sat down with Sandy as she told them about their planets, their sign and personally read their astrological charts.

I had also selected a very special bead for Bébé T, it reminded me of a beautiful star bursting in the sky. I had all my guests hand roll the bead into any shape they liked, and put a positive intention in there as they rolled it, for my family and I. After Sandy and Alex, her daughter, who’s also a sweet heart and runs the business with her mom, made me a gorgeous long necklace that I’ll cherish forever. It’s filled with love, light and beautiful intentions. I plan on taking it to the hospital with me and then hanging it in Bébé T’s nursery.

I’m extremely into astrology and energy and thought this part of the party was such a special moment in my life! The other, incredible thing Sandy told me, was that when reading the charts she tried to figure out the connection between all of these women and I. She said that most of my girls are Scorpio rising. What does that mean? Power women!!! Which is so true! I am drawn to women that are extremely successful, powerful and Type A personalities, the room was filled with these gorgeous felines!











What I wore: Dress: Old buy from EBay remember I wore to my Birthday Party here? similar HEREHERE and HERE // Stoll: NastyGal // Heels: Valentino

On Baby K: Dress: Little Trendsetter similar HERE and HERE // Shoes: Zara sold out similar HERE // Fascinator: Icing