Last weekend it was K’s 9th Birthday and per usual I was wrecking my brain as to what to do for her Birthday. Times have surely changed and we are knee deep in a global pandemic. However celebrating and living life (SAFELY) is still so important for all, for our mental health and for our kiddos to have some sort of “NORMALCY”. At least in my opinion.

K really wanted a karaoke party to start. We decided that her invite list would include only our core “CHOSEN FAMILY”, aka our really good friends who we’ve been basically quarantining/bubbling up all summer. Because most of us have anywhere form two, to three, to four kiddos, the party was filled with plenty of patrons, yet same exposure.

Once I realized how many kids we had, I honestly got a little nervous. Hosting at my house, so many kids with not much to do but sing into a karaoke machine without an MC to lead the entire thing. I knew this would be an issue. So I hired FAMOS DJ’s completely last minute. Thank GAWD they were available. They were truly incredible and the best decision I made. I couldn’t recommend them more. They reeled the kiddos in, we played so many games, danced, sang….even mamas were shaking their hips. It was truly AMAZING!

Now, every party needs a VIBE! Part of that vibe is good decor. I typically decorate all my parties myself but I really had this balloon vision and I insisted FROW. Anna, the owner is incredibly talented, creative and just overall awesome. She’s done a few other parties for me before and she literally transformed my back yard into a fun, musical fairy tale! K was in awe!

I hope this post helps you host your future COVID FRIENDLY events! Also for all my other KIDS PARTY HOSTING IDEAS check out this post HERE.