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T&J: You do and balance so many things.  What do you see yourself as more?  Stylist, photographer, model, bloggerH: Honesty, I see myself as a creator. I love all things visual. I started out as a fashion photographer over twenty years ago and somehow ended up styling. In a sense both go hand in hand. I’m a better photographer because I know clothing and a better stylist because I understand light and fabric. Because I grew up on set I know how to work the camera, training so many models after so many years, you just get it. Blogging came last and was sorta a happy accident. I’ve been documenting what I wear since 6th grade. I have hundreds of disposable camera shots of all my outfits. It’s funny, someone just posted on my Facebook that I was voted best dressed in high school, so you can imagine, I’ve always been like this. Doing what I get to do on a daily is no luck, I worked my ass off but it’s certainly a ‘pinch me job’ because my dream. my hobby, my love, became my career! Love all things beautiful. Whether it’s table-scaping, gardening, clothing, photography, I’m all things visual. I always grew up with my parents throwing the most decadent parties without a lot of money and so it’s certainly a lifestyle.

T&J: What is your favorite and least favorite part of your job(s)?

H: Least favorite: definitely hours and hours or retouching, formatting and answering a gazillion emails cause I’m always behind. Most favorite, is no day is the same. Every day I’m at a different location, with a different client most likely, maybe even in a different state. I’m not a creature of comfort or repetition so for me, this is the best part.

T&J: What is your guilty pleasure?

H: Real Housewives of Everything. It’s mindless entertainment that I don’t get to enjoy much of. With three kids and being an entrepreneur I don’t have time for TV so when I do it’s pure pleasure!

T&J: How would you describe your style?

H: I’m definitely a little bit girly and a whole lotta rock and roll. I am a glam girl, which is funny because I grew up as a complete tomboy and now I’m very glam with a boyish element. I’ll always wear my studded leathers, and large tough accessories.  I also notice I dress to how I feel, every day is different. The Gemini in me likes to play up my different personas and looks.

T&J: Favorite apps on your phone

H: Instagram, Net-a-Porter, Facebook, RewardStyle, and Podcasts (I drive a lot and love listening to various ones).

T&J: What is your top tip in making your photos/photography really good?

H:That’s a tough one since I’m a trained photographer I finished art school. Lighting is everything! Too much retouching is too much. I’m not big on not seeing skin and a ton of blur on people’s faces these days. There is such a thing as too much Facetune!


T&J: Give us your best piece of advice for all the girlbosses out there!

H: Get em girl! Honestly, just go for it. The difference between a dream and a goal is time right? So just do it, live your dreams, don’t be scared, take risks. I’m a total go getter. In terms of looking for clients I don’t wait for them to find me. I knock on doors, I make phone calls, I make sure they know who I am and what I can bring to the table.