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Every pregnancy is special and comes along with different ups and downs. For this reason each Wednesday we feature a different mom-to-be as our #BumpCrush. We ask a few questions to get an insight into their pregnancy. This week we are totally crushing over Helen Berkun.  This Chicago fashionista, mom of 2 has a sense of style to die for. Helen takes risks, and at 8 months she is making statements, setting trends and breaking all of the rules.

Say hello to heel wearing, coffee drinking, bikini sporting mama Helen…


1) What is the hardest thing about dressing your bump?

This is my third pregnancy and in all honesty I don’t think it’s been hard at all. Today’s fashion is so versatile and it’s night and day from my first pregnancy nine years ago. I literally bought maybe one pair of maternity jeans this time around, everything else I wear still fits from my pre-preggo days, or I buy items with more stretch. I’m all about showcasing the bump and not hiding it! I think I’m also comfortable in my skin in a completely different way then I was in my 20’s. I know my body better, I know what looks good on me and I know what won’t work. They say third time’s the charm right?

2) What is a must have item during your pregnancy?

Confidence! Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made ;)let’s be frank here… No matter what you put on, if you believe you look good, you’ll exude that you look good! A good pair of leather or faux leather leggings, amazing skin care (cause hormones make it wacky) and sexy lingerie (cause no mama should feel frumpy) is always a good start.


3) Do you find it easy to dress your growing bump? If not how do you overcome those obstacles?

Compared to all the other pregnancy obstacles, getting dressed is the easy part. I mean c’mon, you don’t have to suck it in and letting it all hang out (bump wise) is the most beautiful thing during pregnancy!

4) Heels or no heels?

Mostly always heels but if I don’t feel like heels that’s ok too. Wear what makes you feel good. I felt the most beautiful on my recent trip to Domincan Republic wearing bikinis, with salt in my hair, sand on my skin and barefoot.


5) What is the hardest thing about being pregnant, and how do you overcome those issues?

This pregancy hasn’t been the easiest overall. I’ve had some early complications and it’s been tougher then expected. However I have to say. Staying positive is key. I know in my heart of hearts that what’s meant to be will be and I’ve kept my mind and myself busy by continuing to work, work out, and let my creative juices flow!

6) What is the best thing about being pregnant?

I think being pregnant period, is the best thing. Not everyone is blessed with carrying a child and no matter how hard it is, how much my body aches, or I can’t breathe, or how tired I am, I know that I’m growing a human and that’s magical!


7) Do you allow people to touch the bump?

Yeah totally. It’s sometimes weird when strangers feel the need to touch it, but hey… I guess it’s pretty cute so why not?!

8) Is your hospital bag packed? What is your must have item for the hospital?

No, not yet. However I certainly know what I’m packing with me in my mind. Here are my must haves!
Cord Blood Registry Kit
PinkBlush Maternity Lavender Tribal Robe
NuRoo Swaddler
A few swaddle scarves by Coveted Things, they are seriously amazing
Baby’s custom going home outfit I got a few options on Etsy
Beats Pill
I have almost all the ROCKABYE BABY albums on my phone which are amazing for soothing baby and I love it during delivery as well. I delivered both my kids with music in the back ground
Skincare is so important and I love this oil from Beauty Counter
Mario Badescu Fascial Spray
Karastase Shampoo, conditioner and elixir
My camera
BelleFit Postpartum Gurdle


9) If you could give one piece of advice to expecting moms everywhere what would it be?

Don’t ever lose who you are just because you’re pregnant. I just wrote a blog post about it . I hate when people tell me I need to dress differently now, or stop doing something or that I won’t have fun somewhere because of my pregnancy. I mean pregnancy is not a death sentence or a curse and I’m certainly not handicapped. I can do everything I did before and more… I’m a human growing super woman!!!


10) One last question for the road. What’s your number one craving?


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