I’m no stranger to throwing a fun and colorful Birthday Party for my kiddos. I’ve never hired a party planner and have always loved doing all of it myself. So many of you messaged me regarding ideas on how to throw a Birthday Party, so I figured it’s only natural that I put a little post together for you. Believe me, you can totally throw one and do this all by yourself. All you need is a little creativity, a theme and!

In previous years, I’ve done all kinds of parties. For Natan’s 5thBirthday I threw a SUPERHERO PARTY for 75 people at a bowling alley and for Kalista’s 5th we had over 120 people at our house for her RAINBOW UNICORN SOIREE filled with real ponies. I tend to do bigger 5th Birthdays, only because the child tells me what they want theme wise and who they want to invite. I feel like major 1stBirthday Parties are solely for adults and not the kids. To each his/her own, but for me it’s always important to make it about the kids and nothing else.

Here’s a walk down memory lane and some of the parties I’ve done in the past. Feel free to use these themes up if you need ideas. I also bought almost everything on AMAZON, HOBBY LOBBY, TARGET, EBAY, and PARTY CITY. These days anyone can be a party planner!






This one was a tough one. It rained all night and all day and we hosted everyone in our back yard. However neither the kids nor adults cared and we had a blast rain or shine! The icing on the cake? This rainbow party was complete with a rainbow at the end of the day, when the rain actually stopped.


This year for Kalista’s 8th Birthday she invited four of her closest girlfriends for a SPA SLEEPOVER. I originally thought that I would host this at home, however with our house being in complete remodel mode, I needed to have a back up plan.

I partnered up with the stunning Four Seasons Hotel, which by the way is clearly better than my house anyway. Heck, I want a girly spa party at the Four Seasons myself! I love the Four Seasons not only because it’s one of the most iconic and incredible hotels in the world, but also because they are so very kid friendly. Fancy hotels can get stuffy, and having five, overly excited girls run around squealing is not always acceptable in many upscale establishments. Not the case here at all and if you ever do decide to host a party at a hotel, I highly recommend you make Four Seasons your destination.

Upon arrival and check-in, the girls were greeted by their own concierge, who handed them adorable registration slips, a scavenger hunt around the property and pointed them in the direction of a treasure chest where the girls were able to select a toy. They were also escorted to the welcoming treats section, where they enjoyed cookies and various beverages. Yes… this was all done while I was checking us in. The kids were occupied and excited, which made my check-in smooth and seamless. 

Once we got the room, I had my best friend and fellow mommy take the girls to the Kid’s Suite, (most of the Four Seasons’ properties have one). Where the littles can stay occupied while I got to work! Although the suite and every room at the hotel is stunning, I wanted to set up a little personal escape for the girls to enjoy. This was pretty easy to do. I had a movie snack station, gift bags filled with all the spa essentials, a floral wall and a sweets table.

*Little tip, if you do decide to do a spa party, I recommend you purchase products that are natural for their sensitive and gentle skin.

Once I was setup and ready, I had the girls brought up to the room and if you saw my stories the looks on their faces and their squealing laughs and screams was exactly the validation a mama needs to know that this party is a hit!

We, of course, hung out at the iconic swimming pool that was in the Home Alone movie. I ordered them some lunch, while my mama friends and I enjoyed some chillaxing and rosé. It was truly a win win for all!

One of many highlights of the eve was the incredible in room Ice Cream Sundae service provided exclusively by The Four Seasons. The cart was adorable and matched my décor… woo hoo! I found out it was handcrafted in Italy and so special. Mamas enjoyed an ice cream too! 

Of course no party is complete without CAKE! The Birthday Girl requested a “Spa” themed cake with rainbow layers and a waterfall of skittles and sparkly candy. Your wish is my command my dear. I called the Queen Baker of Chicago, my friend Sasha from OhLala Boulangerie. If you didn’t know before, now you know. Check out her colorful and fully delicious Instagram here. Her cakes are not only gorgeous, but also healthy and delicious. None of that yucky, un-edible fondant stuff!!!

We watched movies, we ate snacks, did our own spa services, and we did all the things girls love to do: sing, chat, dance and hang! I also can’t forget that my favorite MAKE TO CELEBRATE sent an adorable activity for us to do in the room. The key to these parties is to keep those kiddos occupied!