So it’s no secret that I am an extremely organized person and summer-cleaning is in full swing at the Berkun household! From color coordinating my closet, to cleaning out every inch of my garage, organization is a HUGE stress reliever for me. However, there’s always that one space that seems to quickly get messy no matter how many times you organize it. For me, this space is my pantry.  With the summer months approaching, I know my family will be utilizing the pantry even more so than ever, and lets face it, everyone could use some tips and tricks on how to de-clutter your pantry while still making it FUNCTIONAL.  So when a company called Create.Direction.Design (CDD) reached out to do a collab and asked which space I needed organized the most (with no hesitation), my answer was PANTRY!

Create.Direction.Design is a Chicago based company taking on all your organizational needs within the home, office, interior – exterior spaces, and so much more.  With superior expertise in organization and an eye for beautiful, and functional design – CDD is known for making their client’s organizational goals…REALISTIC!

Create.Direction.Design showed up and immediately took over! The company has several services. Before CDD came to my home, I sent over photos of my pantry, and they picked out all the essential space saving solutions.  Such as, plastic, multi-purpose, open-faced bins and containers. All of which fit the color scheme I asked them to adhere to! With my hectic schedule, this extra service CDD provided was a tremendous time saver. So as CDD began, I left for my day filled with meetings and errands.

Create.Direction.Design did not disappoint! My entire pantry had been deep cleaned, which is such an essential part of the organizing process that many forget to do! Especially in a pantry where food is kept and germs can grow if not cleaned properly and effectively. Deep cleaning is also useful in getting rid of all your expired or dated items. Things like expired medicine, ingredients, and food were thrown out. The organization was designed to be functional for my family as well. All the medicine, sugary sweets, treats, and sharp kitchen utensils were moved out of the kids reach, while more healthy options like breakfast bars and cereals where placed on lower shelves.

There was so much more room, and in all honesty organizing one part of a space can lead to organization in another. By freeing up more space in my pantry, I could put more items that were taking up counter space in my kitchen.

Create.Direction.Design did a phenomenal job! Quick and efficient, CDD completely overhauled my space, making my pantry look great while still being completely organized, functional and the best part the service is very affordable.

I know that organizing can be such a stresser but not anymore thanks to Create.Direction.Design!