I’m no stranger to hosting little soirées at my house. Remember last years GIRLY HOLIDAY BRUNCH?! In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love having family and friends over! I get so excited thinking up the perfect table-scape, the menu and my look.  I am asked constantly on how I do it all, so I’m going to walk you through a few steps on how to host, “The Perfect Holiday Party”!


This year I’m beyond excited to partner up with Garnier, Beyond Proper and Z Gallerie for the perfect, “throw a party like a rockstar” collab!

Hudson Wine + Champagne Bowl | Ceramic Hand | Borghese Mirrored Buffet  | CROSLEY Turntable

You see, it’s easy if you have a master plan! I always start with my table-scape ideas and the menu. You know me, I love lots of glitz and glam and my dining room was made for that.

This year, I really fell in love with all the marble and precious stone pieces at Z Gallerie. I always love to mix metals because it compliments my dining room so much. So, I got this  gorgeous Marble Dinnerware Set and mixed it up between silvers and golds. I then layered them on top of the Spruzzo Chargers, also mixed in silver and golds of course!

The thing about table-scaping for me, it’s like figuring out the perfect outfit. You don’t want to just put a plate down on a bare table. You want to layer, just like getting dressed! It’s all about mixing colors, textures, prints. That’s what makes the perfect table. So… with that said I also fell in love with the Everglades Placemats. They reminded me of a perfect metallic croc bag or shoe. Notice how I add a fashion flare into everything?!

I always get so many questions regarding our dining room table. It’s this gorgeous Timber Table, that I’ve now had for over five years and I literally designed my dining room around it. I just love how festive it is no matter the party. I’ve done disco parties, holiday parties, New Years fetes and kids Birthdays. All on this gorgeous chameleon table that literally transforms every time I place certain accessories on it.

I typically do the table setting the night before, this way I have time in the morning to prep myself and my food! I’d also like to add that these little Glistening String Lights are so easy to put on a table, buffet and your bar cart. If you have kids they can do it and they literally make the entire room shine!





Now that your table-scape is perfectly set the night before, it’s time to get your beauty sleep. In the morning I typically like to do a hair + face mask post shower. It really helps me decompress as I prep my food for dinner.



I love these Garnier one minute hair masks. They smell incredible and really work wonders. I also love that you can use them as a conditioner in the shower, as a mask, or as a leave in treatment. Since my hair is damaged big time, I typically leave it on for a few hours, then rinse off and blow dry my hair.



Since it’s winter and my skin is crazy dry, I also did this Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask. I’ve been trying to rotate between all the Moisture Bomb products and use the masks every other day. They leave my skin glowing and highly moisturized and the price point can’t be beat! They also make amazing gifts… hint hint!



The Garnier Clearly Brighter is my ultimate go to under-eye concealer. I’ve talked about it for years, remember my simple make-up tutorial here?! It’s a roll on, has caffeine and helps de-puff and make your under eyes flawless, without all the creases. I swear by this product!


Final locking touches with Garnier Sleek & Shine Hairspray and I’m off to finish off my cooking. We’ll get to the menu later.




You may be hosting  a party at home, but leave your leggings in the closet and be that ‘hostess with the mostess’. I’m no stranger to Beyond Proper. One of my favorite brands in general but especially for the holidays. They have so many easy to wear pieces that are glammy yet comfy! Do you remember my Beyond Proper Fall 2017 Edit?!

This black and white beauty is perfect for a night at home or a night out on the town. It’s jersey fabric is sleek and sexy while also being comfy and stretchy. Super easy to run around if and when you host. I also love this dress paired with an over the knee boot.

Love red?! So do I! I fell in love with this sequined dress. First off, sequins are one of the hottest trends this season. I also love the fringe detail at the bottom. It moves as you walk and can you imagine this number on the dance floor?! DEAD!



I paired this dress with this jeweled moto jacket, because more is always more! Especially during the holidays! Let’s face it though, this jacket will look amazing with a simple tee, turtleneck or virtually anything under it. It’s a statement!

My final choice was this gorgeous jumpsuit. I love that it is a wide leg trouser version, and has pockets. I figured it would be the perfect ensemble to wear for the night. I kept my lipstick in the pockets for quick touch ups!



It was such an easy piece to run around in all night and the pearl details made it super festive!

FOOD 101

Ahh, the final, and possibly most important part of this equation is the food! My advice is to come up with a menu a few weeks prior and if you haven’t made that particular dish, make it and taste it! Have your family give it a spin. I stuck to my classics, things I know everyone loves in my house. Last year was my classic Russian Holiday menu, this year the menu had a worldly spin!



  • Roasted Whole Chicken
  • Citrus Cedar Plank Salmon
  • Roasted Rooted Vegetables
  • Deviled Eggs with Red Caviar
  • Goose Liver Paté
  • Smoked Salmon Rolls
  • Baked Brie With Homemade Strawberry Jam, Walnuts and Pumpkin Seeds


I love creating food with love and I hope that my guests can taste and sense that! I guess I express my love through the stomach, ha ha! If you’re interested, I post a ton of cooking videos on my INSTA channel, make sure you follow #BERKUNCOOKS and check out the #BERKUNCOOKS highlights.

I hope you enjoy this Holiday Hosting Guide and it makes throwing parties a little less overwhelming. Enjoy your holidays my friends! Lost of LOVE, HEALTH and PEACE!


*Video  editing + photography by Madeline Doherty