As we approach week four of Quarantine & Social Distancing. I’m finding myself truly embracing the new normal. Now… don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see people, to hug my family and friends, dance with my crew and enjoy dinners that are not cooked by me. However… when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade + vodka, and I’m content doing exactly that.

I’m gonna rewind back for a second, to the very special event MacKenzie-Childs hosted back in February. AAAAH to dress up again, get out, and make crafts! Now that’s what dreams are made of. It was such a special day, filled with workshops, and all things MacKenzie-Childs. Basically everything I love. I went to art school and miss creating objects so much. Our day was filled with floral arrangements, pottery and dream catchers. My favorite part? The pottery!

I’ve always loved design, decorating and sprucing up the house. We have lived in this home for three years now, and our family room has always felt incomplete to me. I never knew what to do with the curved wall that hugs my staircase and was so sick of my black rug that I’ve had for seven years. It was time for a change!

Current time is the perfect time to tackle all those home projects that we all have been putting off. You guys know, I love MacKenzie-Childs. I remember coming to America and having friends who’s parents were avid collectors. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t afford the signature Courtly Check kettles that so many had on their stovetops. I remember always loving that Alice in Wonderland-like design. Whimsy, dramatic and bold. Perhaps that pattern always stuck with me, because if you look at my HOME posts. You know, I am a mixmaster of patterns. I love to layer fabrics, I’m not afraid of color and I love things that are overall kitschy, whimsy and conversation pieces.

I’ve always loved and collected butterflies. When I saw the ones from MacKenzie-Childs, I knew they would be the perfect addition to this space. Butterflies have always been such a deep and powerful representation of life. They symbolize resurrection, rebirth and represent endurance, change, and hope. Something we all need right now.

I absolutely fell in LOVE with this gorgeous black and white hide rug. I got the large white version. There are several other shapes, patterns and colors available in the hide. Which is also currently on SALE! All the MacKenzie-Childs home goods are 20% off! It’s stunning and is made of the finest cowhide. It made such a big difference in this room.

Could you tell that this adorable floral dress is only $22? Sometimes throwing on a dress at home is such a game-changer! By the way, if you use code Q4helen15 you get an extra 15% OFF!

Our family room has quickly become our favorite room in the house. Plus it gave us all something to do together. K and I put all the butterflies up ourselves. Did you guys see the transformation on my IGTV?

Last but not least! I had to update all my pots and pans. Here’s the thing… I’m currently not shopping for clothes, but I am shopping for home goods! I am spending my days cooking three to four meals a day, and these pots and pans literally elevated my cooking game. Plus they give me so much joy to cook in and look at!

So there you have it! My home update is complete. What are you guys working on? What’s keeping you sane and your mind busy?!