It’s hard to believe that the incredible trip we took to Guadalajara, Mexico was over two weeks ago. I’ve been dying to do this recap for you since the moment I got off the plane in Mexico.


If you followed me along on my stories, you must have realized how much I fell in love with Guadalajara, I basically flooded your feed with stories. I wanted you to be on this journey with me and experience everything that I saw, ate and smelled. True story, at one point instastories didn’t allow me to post anymore, until the 24 hour mark of the first story disappeared. Sorry, not sorry!

We arrived in Guadalajara via redeye, all mamas (Johanna, Janet, Jen, Erika, and Corri), most fashion bloggers and none knowing what to expect. We’ve been planning for this trip for months, well, I should say the folks at Visit México planned it. We were selected as some of the top influencers in Chicago and taken to Mexico to experience the ‘real’ Mexico. This wasn’t an all inclusive resort type of stay, after all, Guadalajara gave birth to the most Mexican icons around the world: Mariachi and Tequila!

After checking into our gorgeous hotel, The Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara, we had a few hours to chillax,  get ourselves together and we were off to a private lunch at Lula Bistro. The entire restaurant was closed down for our two hour private seven course meal and it was absolutely life-changing-taste-buds-activating-experience. The food was beyond incredible, not only was it art on a plate but the flavors that Chef Darren Walsh is able to pack into each bite is an art form in itself. Another fun fact, Chef believes you shouldn’t eat more then one pound per meal and spreads his courses over 7 to 9 course meals. It’s truly an experience….

We finished up our lunch with a Mexican Birthday song for Johanna and I (it was both of our Birthdays), and of course obligatory shots of none other then Tequila! Fun fact #3, tequila is chased with a Mexican style Bloody Mary shot. Basically fresh tomato juice, fresh orange juice and lime… SALUD!

Thank you Chef Darren Walsh! That was delicioso… he’s coming to Chicago you guys, but more on that later.

After our fun boozy lunch we were off to explore the historic city of Guadalajara. There is so much culture and history packed in this heart of Mexico. The historical city center, is full of heritage, stories and happenings that we explored by foot while walking the cobble stone paved streets. Check out the gorgeous photos of this monumental city by clicking through this gallery.

After exploring the city and the markets, back to the hotel we went for another quick change and off to dinner and drinks at iLatina. This place was photoshoot heaven for me. Think all the incredibly kitschy details you can have. Palm print wallpaper, a pink flamingo staircase, yellow zebra drapes and pom pom chandeliers. It was truly a fashion bloggers dream!

The food was just as good, mezcal drinks, spicy margaritas, the most insane tuna tar tar tacos and grilled octopus. Real, Mexico is not just the guacamole and chips! It’s so much more then that…


Hope you enjoyed día uno! 

*Video editing by Madeline Doherty