Ahhh… Day three! Although it’s hard to chose, but probably my favorite day thus far. I’m a girl that likes surprises, thrills, adventure and well, a good strong drink! Day three had all that and a bag of tortilla chips.

We started off by getting in our car and assuming we were on our way to Tequila (yes there is a town called Tequila, but more on that later). Things got a little strange and mysterious when we pulled up to another hotel and asked to get out because we were switching vehicles… hmmm, whaaa?! A ton of security, and being escorted down numerous elevators, back stair cases by men who looked like the secret service… we knew something was up. In my mind we were either being kidnapped or something super cool was about to happen. Perhaps bungee jumping?! Either way, I was game… perhaps more to the latter part, but hey, I’m always up for adventure!


As we got to the top of the stairs and the door opened to a loud familiar sound. We were going on a helicopter! HELL YEAH! If you watch this video you can see how crazy excited I was. I’m not afraid of heights I love nothing more then a thrilling joy ride so this was definitely my jam!

We landed in the gorgeous agave fields of the Sauza Tequila property. Greeted by the picturesque views of mountains, thousands of stunning teal agave plants, handed a hat and a delicious Cazuelita cocktail. I’ll have to do a separate post and video on this drink, it is muy delicioso!!!

Tequila is a very specific drink that can only come from the region of Tequila, very similar to Champagne. So therefore if the agave doesn’t come from the lands of Tequila to make Tequila, well, it’s not really a Tequila! After our history lesson, a few cocktails and planting our own agave plant we were off to the Sauza estate aka Casa Sauza  to taste, MORE TEQUILA! Nicely lit, and thoroughly educated in all things TEQUILA, it was time for lunch. Casa Sauza is one of the most beautiful estates that hosts different exhibits for local artists that change monthly. The lunch was delicious; red snapper, the best table-side smoked vegetable salsa and freshest guacamole I’ve ever had. More margaritas followed naturally!

It was time for more Tequila and a change of scenery, to the Hacienda José Cuervo we went. It’s interesting, the history between Sauza and Cuervo is very similar to  Lords Montague and Capulet. We had a wonderful time touring the distillery, tasting more tequila (yes we were nicely lit all day) and also tasting the cooked agave, which by the way is very similar to a sweet potato.

We wrapped our afternoon by touring more markets, eating street food and checking out the adorable town of Tequila. Think lots of color, beautiful murals and adorable outdoor cafés and restaurants. I would love to go back for a few more days and spend some time in this charming town. By the way the famous Cholula also comes from the town of Tequila and hosts it’s own restaurant on the adorable colorful street surrounded by mountainesque views.

This day wasn’t over yet. We headed back to our helicopter, God I love the sound of that! Took off and landed a top of the chic and modern AC HOTEL, where we went to a pool party and had a few more cocktails…some mocktails cause listen, there is only so much drinking we can do! We needed to rehydrate and recoup!

Back to our hotel for a quick shower, change and we were off to dinner. YES! More eating and drinking. I’m telling you this day was so jam-packed that it’s taking me almost three hours just to write this recap. We ate at the gorgeous and insanely delicious Magno BrasserieMagno had giant, vaulted ceilings that opened up during warm weather, imagine dining under the stars. Insanity!


*Video editing by Madeline Doherty