Almost every year I plan a little fun staycation for my girlfriends. If you follow me, you know I love my girls and my female relationships are extremely important to me. Remember my BABES + BUBBLES BRUNCH?!

Although I’ve been doing this for almost seven years, this spa staycation was one was one of the biggest ones I’ve ever planned, think twenty-five of my powerhouse alpha females, getting together and celebrating friendships.



Of course, I automatically partnered up with Waldorf Astoria Chicago to make this planning as smooth as possible. Not to mention it’s one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the Windy City!

I booked a group block and arranged a concierge with a special code for all the girls to book the rooms themselves, so that each could partner up and room with whomever they pleased. The same went for massages and spa services. We had a wonderful Spa Concierge that assisted with all the bookings. I think that’s the key when planning staycations this size. Find an amazing hotel with incredible service and don’t worry about micro-managing everyone. This is a vacation for all, so let everyone do what they want! After all we all left our hubbies, kiddos, pets and everyone vacations in their own special way.

Some girls went straight for the spa, others headed out to brunch and cocktails, some chilled in their rooms and a few did a little shopping. It was great for all and everyone met at The Waldorf indoor pool for relaxing, cocktails, and lite bites.

If you haven’t been to Waldorf Spa it’s honestly magnificent, one of the best spas I’ve been to for sure. There is a full gym on the premises, a pedi and mani station and sauna and steam room. It’s also so beautiful and tranquil and in the summer they have outdoor balconies to each lunch and relax.

I got an incredible massage and it did not disappoint. I really need this… All the ladies that got facials had magically glowing skin, I’m totally getting a facial next time.



After our services and much needed relaxation, we geared up for a night on the town. I had arranged a fun night at the new concept restaurant MARCHESA. MARCHESA is amazing because it has a general dining area, but those who are in the know, know there are a ton of other secret locations to eat, drink and party!



I decided to do a private party at THE CAVE. I wanted to have a lounge vibe and decided against a typical sit down dinner to keep things moving and grooving. The music was amazing, and I had a buffet style lineup with unlimited cocktails at the bar. Let’s just say it was a very fun night!

So here’s just a simple piece of advise for a fun girly time

  1. Arrange for fun activities to do and let girls come and go as they please
  2. Don’t micromanage your friends
  3. Find a spa that is ok with using their premises and pools without services, not everyone wants a spa service
  4. Go with the flow!