Everything looks so different this year and most of our normal celebrating has had to adapt to fit our new norm. It’s been tough but also fun to get creative and develop new traditions. We had such a nice Mother’s Day and I am planning on carrying that forward with a fabulous Father’s Day!

We all know ‘hubby’ doesn’t like to make a ton of appearances on my social platform, yet without him, I personally would be lost. He’s the best, hands-on father and my parenting partner. He deserves so much this Father’s Day and every day. However… knowing him he’ll be happy drinking a beer on his boat with kiddos running around!

However, as simple as he is when it comes to celebrations I always love to go an extra way to make him and my own dad feel specials. Great fathers need to be celebrated so here are some of the goodies I have in my shopping cart for Father’s Day this year!

Fathers Day gift ideas 2020

SOME OF MY PICKS FOR DAD |||No. 1 UV Sanitizing Wireless Charging Station|||No. 2 Walk The Wire Novel ||| No. 3 Lulu Lemon ABC Pant Slim ||| No. 4 Chronograph Leather Strap Watch ||| No. 5 Micro Bluetooth Speaker ||| No. 6 Gillette Labs Heated Razor ||| No. 7 Harley Davidson 12 in 1 Folding Motorcycle Tool Set ||| No. 8 Set of 2 frozen beer glasses ||| No. 9 Cruiser Deluxe Turntable

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