I have always used fashion as a form of self-expression and there is nothing more fun than exploring new ways to wear clothes. I mean, I get dressed [almost] every day, why not make it an adventure. I’m also somewhat of a chameleon, I don’t always feel the same and my wardrobe reflects and sets my mood! Here are some of my favorite styling tricks to pull off new looks.

  1. Pick one idea I love mixing prints, tons of color, embellishments, and texture. However, sometimes I like to choose one theme or idea, like a classic pearl detail, and run with it for a more high fashion style. This keeps the look cohesive and offers an opportunity for some seriously chic ensembles…and divine accessories.

2. Add a focal point I like finding a place in my look where I can add a focal point, like a pop of color or contrasting detail. This is where lipstick can come in and act like icing on the cake tying it all together.

3. Confidence You knew I’d say this one…but SERIOUSLY having a little faith that you’re rocking whatever you’re wearing is make or break. Trendier and more adventurous outfits can be ruined by attitude and trust me, you look gooooood.

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