Let’s face it. Spring break is right around the corner and not all of us are jetting off to Florida. Some of us are staying put and that’s no reason to pout. Chicago is a magical city with so much to do and plenty to explore.

I love a fun staycation, like the one we planned a few weeks ago with the Kimpton Palomar. It’s a stunning location, like all Kimpton Hotels but this one is extra special for the family, especially because of their amazing indoor swimming pool.

We arrived to Palomar, checked in and first things first. Checking out our amazing rooms. So here’s the thing, traveling with three kids spanning from age two to ten is no easy task. The older kids love to stay up and watch TV or play, while the baby goes to bed at 7:30pm. Hubby and I also wanna stay up and do our own thing so we typically need at least a two bedroom suite. What the Palomar did was even better.  We basically had a small wing of the hotel all to ourselves. The hallway had an extra locking door that was locked  and only accessible through a key card. Inside that door were two separate suites. It was wonderful! The older kids shared one room with a bathroom and all their own amenities. They watched TV, hung out and had their own slumber party if you will. Hubby and I had a one bedroom suite with a gorgeous master, incredible bathroom and a huge living/office area.

Because we arrived to Palomar a bit later in the eve, we decided to forgo the dinner at the restaurant and ordered Sable Kitchen to our room. If you haven’t been to Sable you are missing out. The food is incredible and cocktails are delicious. There is also a more basic standard room service available so we ordered that for the kiddos. Burgers, nuggets, mac-n-cheese, the usual!

After we all vegged, pigged out… literally was stuffed! Kids were eager to go for a night swim. The pool is so beautiful, it’s all lit up with neon lights and floor to ceiling windows with the perfect city views all around. It was so much fun. Another amazing thing was that the pool was heated and you know kids, they love a hot pool. They were jumping in and out for at least two hours. So much fun!

Once the older kids retired to their room hubby and I had a chance to watch a movie and drink a few cocktails from the incredible Sable Kitchen, while the baby slept in her crib in our bedroom. It was so great, and relaxing. No cleaning, everyone occupied, food made. I love staycations!!!

The next morning we headed out to Sable (again) we couldn’t stay away from the place. Had a beautiful early breakfast and decided to check out Navy Pier. We still haven’t been on the new ferris wheel. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, sunny, crisp, not a cloud in the sky!

I love our beautiful city so much and love sharing it with my kiddos! If you LOVE this staycation idea at Palomar as much as we did, make sure use code ‘SPRING SOCIAL’ to get $20 off of your valet parking.

Have beautiful SPRING BREAK!!!