Okay, okay I realized I am totally OCD but, I can’t only clean and reorganize in spring. Once my kids go back to school in the fall, I feel like my whole house is a MESS! So I am a huuuge fan of fall cleaning and re – organizing after summer and before the holidays get really rolling. Here are my favorite organization finds…and they’re all available on Amazon!

The first thing I start with when I’m tackling a closet is the hangers. These velvet hangers, which come in so many colors, are a lifesaver in the closet. Ditch the wire ones and recycle them at your dry cleaners. Take a look through the clothing and pull everything that needs mending or doesn’t fit…no one needs that in their lives. Hang everything back up on these and you’ll never have to worry about those silky tank tops falling to the ground again.

Headbands are so hot right now. I have about a million…not to mention the pretty new options at @berkunstyles and they all need a place to live. I just picked up a few of these organizers for my collection and two for each of my girls. These come in a few cute colors so you can match it to your bathroom, hangers or closet.

When I’m not wearing a headband, I’m usually in a hat. Hats are fun because you can display them on a wall by hanging them on tiny picture hooks or a small nail. This serves a little double duty of being a great place to keep hats but also a beautiful piece of wall art.

Hats displayed on a wall
I saved this idea on my screenshots an eternity ago so I don’t have the link but love the idea.

Next up is jewelry. We have all seen the horror movie mess of jewelry that loves to accumulate in drawers and boxes that has zero hope of being untangled. I like acrylic organizers like this one to keep everything safe and in place. Acrylic is important because you can hang it on a wall or on your bathroom vanity and it won’t compete with your paint or wallpaper.

I have always struggled with what to do with my extensions. I use hairpieces often to give a little extra oomph and I work hard to keep them nice…the good ones ain’t cheap. I have tried everything from gallon baggies to pants hangers. This is a genius invention that makes it a lot easier to keep tracks organized, untangled and ready to use when inspiration strikes. Oh, and they don’t end up on the floor waiting to scare the shit out of your hubby….

In terms of general storage, I like floating shelves. I like the look of the acrylic “invisible” shelves that don’t interfere with any other interior design elements. These can hold accessories, beauty products, perfumes or really anything else that you’re looking to put away.

Last but certainly not least…my favorite organizing hack! Using a nail polish holder, like the ones that they hang on the wall at a salon, to hold sunglasses. This way they are easy to see, they don’t get scratched and it’s a fun way to display them.

Do you have any genius hacks for organizing your closet and your life? Let me know because you know I’m always looking for new ideas!

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