We all check on our health, at least I hope you all do! It’s so important. If you haven’t had a physical here is your friendly reminder…

However, so many of us forget about our eyes. How often do you really go to the eye doctor? Are you one of those people that if you see well and don’t have pink eye you basically just don’t go?! Personally, I have bad eye sight, all those years of shooting, retouching and heavy focusing, has taken a toll on my eyes. Although my kids are little, and have great vision, I have made it a priority to get yearly eye exams since they were about three years old, whether it was needed for school or not.

Last week, I took my oldest kiddos and of course my mama to our local FOR EYES. Not only is it so convenient, they have location all over. They also carry some pretty amazing eyewear. If you follow me you know I’m all about dressing those eyes! FOR EYES was founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, PA on the foundation that an optical store should have a friendly open environment with fair pricing and high-quality standard. Leveraging knowledge in optical care, technology and products along with opticians and independent doctors of optometry.

The entire experience was amazing. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful with my kiddos. At one point K was really nervous about the wind blowing machine into her eye, yet they calmed her down and made it into a game. They let the kids explore and examine each other, and see each others eyes, which made it so playful. Plus hey, maybe we’ll have a future optometrist in the family! You never know.

FOR EYES simplifies the glasses buying process with Four Easy Steps.

I ended up getting these gorgeous chain Stella Mccartney Frames, while my mom these beautiful MIU MIU’s. The selection was amazing and the process beyond easy. I picked up my glasses in about seven days and the entire experience was basically seamless.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and don’t procrastinate! Go get your eyes checked!