Mamas, papas, caregivers… you need to know this. With the end of the school year many of us are planning summer activities for our kiddos.

Whether it’s camp, outings with friends and family, pool days and play dates, we’re trying to keep them busy and entertained. So  one less thing to worry about the better, right?!

Let me introduce you to EatPakd! It is a company that prepares kid-approved lunches crafted by nutritionists! I love this concept. You can literally login from your phone, tablet or computer with your kids, as I did with mine, and have them help in the selection of their meals for the week. It’s super easy, seamless and well, rather fun! My kids felt completely in control of their meal selection and what they would and would not try.

As you can see from these photos, K even felt it was necessary to pose with her noodles!!! Ha ha

There are so many different packs, and if there is an ingredient that the kids don’t enjoy, the kids can customize their own pack themselves, with your guidance and supervision of course.

The other great thing is, all of the packets are easily detachable, completely interchangeable and totally fun! In all honesty, thinking about snacking and lunching just got a whole lot easier.

Still not ready to commit? Here is a coupon code for you  to receive your first week of 5 paks for $15 (over 50% off!) Simply CLICK HERE and type in LUNCHBYHELEN in the promo section. You are welcome…

K & I are wearing sweatshirts by Lola & The Boys! They also come in this adorable tee for summer. Don’t forget to use code ‘HELEN‘ for your 20% off.

All my NorthShore mamas, Lola & The Boys will have a pop-up-shop at  Northbrook Court this weekend, so make sure to check them out!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!