Hi Friends! It’s finally time to talk about the bathroom! We are officially DONE! It is decorated, photos are taken and we are ready for the reveal! This is going to be a lengthy post with all of the details and links. There is a shoppable guide at the bottom so if you like anything you can find it by scrolling down! If any items are missing that you really have your eye on, message me on Instagram and we can figure it out!


My first priority was to find the perfect stone. I knew I wanted white and I knew I wanted a natural stone. I’m not a fan of quartz, I know everyone pushes you to get it and it’s perfect for those white kitchens because of it’s resilience. But in my eyes, it’s not natural, it’s man made and to me it looks fake. I can see every pixel of those veins and I wanted natural. Organic if you will. A slab with beautiful movement. You can never re-create nature, no matter what!

Once again… this is my design theory and a total personal preference. If you love Quarz, go for it. It’s cheaper and really is resilient. It’s also much easier to replace and match up. So it definitely has its pros. Natural stone stains, is softer so it can crack and break, but I was willing to take that risk. So off to slab yards I went!

I wanted to find the perfect slab. Stone is one of the most important design elements in a bathroom. To me it sorta guides the entire thing and that is why I started there.

  • Levantina – with locations all over the world this is probably the most incredible stone yard I’ve ever been to. More like a boutique of slabs. They have the rarest and most beautiful collections out there and can pretty much source anything your heart desires. They are also one of the most expensive ones. Worth checking out for ideas and pure beauty.
  • Terrazo & Marble – another favorite place. Absolutely stunning and they are amazing at sourcing. I got my kitchen countertop slab there (same one Kyle Jenner has, but I got mine first…Bitch stole my kitchen look?! J/K), and they helped me source it and execute my vision for the dramatic black stone.
  • Stone City – love this location as well. They have a lot of beautiful marble, granite, onyx, etc. They are major suppliers and supply almost every hotel and building in Chicago. I got my 36 x 36 inch tile slabs from here
  • MSI Chicago – Also love this place. It’s easy to get around and they have very competitively priced stone. They also have a large Quarz gallery if you are looking for man made.

I originally thought that I was going to do Panda Marble to play up the reverse drama of my kitchen if you will. However, the more I thought about it, the more I decided to go a little more classic with an edge. You can alway change fixtures once they go out of style. However to reno the entire thing is a ton more work. White goes with everything so I was on the hunt for a beautiful white with dramatic grey veins. The more I researched the more I decided I didn’t want Carrara Marble. I love it, it’s beautiful, but it’s more speckled and more grey.

I fell in love with Statuario Marbles. It’s by far the most precious. Italian, dramatic, and the whitest with grey and sometimes gold veins. It reminded me of Versailles. I’m always inspired by all my travels and I love moldings, marbles, golds. I love the history, the drama, the story! I’m like your very own Lieberace!

It’s also incredibly important to have an amazing fabricator. I wouldn’t trust ANYONE in Chicago with exception to Becker Works, Ltd. To say that I LOVED working with Karina would be an understatement. She and Terrazo & Marble were actually the ones that helped me source this perfect Statuario slab!

The next step is the finishes, fixtures, and details. I worked exclusively with Ferguson for all my plumbing and fixture needs. All my faucets with an exception to a few were Newport Brass. It’s my favorite company hands down. It is one of the more expensive lines, and definitely has an incredible reputation. To me, it’s worth it! They have a collection called precious metals and it’s any shade of gold, rose gold, gun metal, etc your heart desires. They take a minute to make, because, like I said they are all custom. I also got some pieces from Kohler, they were fantastic and Newport Brass matched the golds perfectly.

I got all my gold mirrors, hardware on my cabinets, vanity knobs, French door knobs, and the incredible claw tub from Signature Hardware, which is exclusive to Ferguson.

The tile for the basin of the shower and the opening nook for shampoos and toiletries from the Tile Shop.

The gold vertical lined accents were ordered from Schluter. I loved bringing that retro accent into the space.

All of my glass shower doors, shelving and flushed ceiling to floor mirrors were by an incredible company called Glass Dimensions. They did an incredible job, and because my mirror pieces were so large and complex came out several times to measure and make sure everything was perfect.

This Louis chair was such an intricate center piece of this room. I had it re-upholstered by David from Comfort Upholstery. I have seen other work he has done and loved all his attention to detail. Absolutely OBESSED with this chair! I bought the upholstery fabric at Ballard Designs.

Now let’s get to the fun part! The accessories. After all, that’s what really makes a space pop! I worked with my favorite boutique, Bedside Manor! I’ve worked with them before for K’s Bedroom which was such a treat. So picking out my adult, escape accessories was simply a dream! They have such a variety of designers, custom linens, monogramming and the list goes on and on. I also love their gifts selection!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it to be useful. Feel free to check out my other BEFORE + AFTER home renovations. Of course, if you have any other questions or need anything at all, you know where to find me!