Happy Halloween my darlings! I wasn’t going to do this post, but I have a little time and I just had to! I’m a big celebrationalist… heck, I celebrate the opening of an envelope 🙂 but Halloween has to be one of my favorites. I may even like it more then my kids!

Last Sunday, my family and I had our annual Halloween Brunch at my aunt’s house. We went live, and got crazy on Stories. If you missed it… a little recap for you below.

I have to tell you, I adore my family, we’re all a bit crazy but we’re also all very tight and that to me is EVERYTHING!

Part of my family is Israeli from Morocco and so we (by we, I mean my uncle Ilan, aka ZE ZOHAN), made a traditional brunch dish called Shaksuka. We went LIVE on stories, but it took about two hours to make, so if the story was crazy long, my apologies. We were having way too much fun!

I also came up with this last minute costume, literally from items I had in my closet. We had a contest for BEST COSTUME, winner took some HUMMUS HAIR GEL and BABA GANOUSH face cream 🙂 It’s the ZOHAN way!




I think you can see why I love to throw parties, I grew up with my family throwing theme parties all the time! We love to cook together, listen to music, dance and goof off. That’s what these holidays are all about after all!

Check out our family album here…