So here’s a little fact… every year instead of spending Valentine’s Day as a couple, hubby and I typically do a mini get-a-way or a staycation with our close friends. If you remember last year, we jetted off to Mexico. I don’t know what it is, Valentine’s Day sometimes feels like so much pressure to get romantic, have the perfect dinner and well… sometimes that’s simply boring! We love being together, don’t get me wrong, but why just on Valentine’s Day?! The hubbs and I try to do at least one date night a week to stay connected. It’s important!



This year I suggested Kohler, Wisconsin. We love it here, we’ve been here many times as a couple, once with kiddos and now wanted to show our friends what this place is all about. I first found out about Kohler about six years ago when I was hired to style a campaign for the resort and have been going back ever since, both for work and pleasure. Actually, when D and I got married we had planned our honeymoon in Paris and Prague but were going in September and got married in July. So our first honeymoon was actually at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin. It was pretty incredible!

Destination Kohler is  just a short, two hour drive North of Chicago. Getting here is a piece of cake and once you’re here it reminds me so much of Oxford, England or some other British countryside. It’s no surprise Kohler feels so European. Back in the 1800’s, The American Club was once the residence for immigrants who traveled to America from all over the world to work for the rapidly growing, family-owned Kohler Company. To this day we constantly run into locals who immigrated from all parts of Europe. There is an older German gentleman named Ziggy that literally runs a hoarse and carriage around the properties. He immigrated here to work for the company and we met him years ago. In the summer you can sit and drink champaign under the stars as the carriage whisks you around this darling town. In the winter the carriage is covered and you get cozy blankets and of course a Glintwein in hand. It’s honestly a fairy tale!

We arrived at The American Club and were greeted with some bubbly and taken up to our suite. Here’s another thing I love about the resort. The bathrooms are INSANE! After all the entire resort is owned by Kohler, so you know all the bathrooms are top of the line luxury. Literally you can go stay at the resort and never leave the room… you’ll be just fine soaking in the bathtub and ordering in room service.

After a couple of toasts in our suite, we were off to our fist activity, trap shooting at River Wildlife. Did you know that trap shooting is an actual Olympic sport? I totally could have made that team! HA!

River Wildlife is amazing. If you’re into activities like we are there is a whole lot to do here. Not into shooting rifles? No sweat. You can go horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, do archery, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Not into activities? You can simply enjoy the gorgeous cabin nestled in the woods and have a beautiful dinner, or a drink by the fireplace. After trapshooting, it was freezing by the way, we headed into the lodge to warm up by the fireplace and drink Glintwein (literally my favorite drink after a winter day outside).

As you can also see from the gallery above these fashion girls had some fun… literally a photoshoot in the woods. I’m not sure we were dressed properly but we rocked it!

Believe it or not I actually arrived in these Gucci fur boots, quickly realizing that these heels weren’t gonna work for the recoil of the rifle. Thank gawd for my friends extra snow boots!


Also this Lola & The Boys Parka came majorly in handy. I literally got it the morning we were leaving and it kept me cozy and warm all weekend. It’s the perfect winter coat! Don’t forget to use code HELEN to get 20% OFF!

After shooting and chilling at the lodge we headed back to our suite listened to music, drank and ate. I always pack a ton of snacks when we travel and make sure to do a spread. I suppose you can order room service as well but the host in me loves to bring my own!

Although The American Club has a variation of restaurant options, we decided to keep things cozy and headed over to the rustic Blackwolf Run, another cozy lodge restaurant. I also would like to add that The American Club provides a shuttle to all your entertainment on property.

After dinner this gang weren’t exactly finished and since we have some talented musicians in this crew we headed back to  The American Club for a bit of a serenade!

Yes the girls and I totally coordinated and it was amazing!


A little hungover and puffy… I won’t lie. We had the most fabulous champagne brunch at the Wisconsin Room. Think oysters, shrimp, Egg Benedict, and macaroons! It was divine.

We walked to the Kohler Water Spa with a coffee in hand. That morning was especially beautiful. It was crisp and sunny, just like a film.



Let me begin by saying that Kohler Water Spa, is one of the top spas in the country. It’s really impressive. The spa is actually it’s own separate building filled with a swimming pool, waterfall, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms and so much more. They also have this incredible zen covered sundeck with an open ceiling and giant fireplace for people to chillax.

Hubby got the Woodsman Massage and I opted for the Seasonal Hydration Wrap, this girl needed it. We both walked out feeling like wet noodles. It was amazing and just what the doctor ordered!

Thank you Destination Kohler for hosting us. It was one memorable vacation that we can’t wait to do again, and again, and again!

If you’re looking for something fun, adventurous or relaxing I would highly recommend and advise you check this place out. It has so much to offer!