This year was my hubby’s 40th Birthday and as always, it’s such a struggle to find him the perfect gift. The man loves motorcycles and boats, so what’s a girl to do? Well, he threw me a bone and said he really wanted a “MAN CAVE” a personal space besides the garages that he can work in and have his man friends hang in!

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezie! This girl is always up for a design challenge. I knew I wanted this space to be dark, masculine and worldly. I also have always wanted a space with pops of emeralds. I found these gorgeous emerald drapes and designed the space around that pop of color.

This room, prior to the re-design, was a sun room that I had built a closet in and made it into our nannies bedroom suite. It’s on the first floor and was great while we had her living with us. We have since become nanny-free and the room became a useless playroom, storage, and basically a mess! It was the perfect space to create this ‘MAN CAVE’ and give the house a little face lift!


This is what the sun room looked like originally when the house was purchased.

I used all Benjamin Moore Paint, I love the AURA line and highly recommend it. It’s the top tier line and can be quite pricey but worth every penny as it looks like velvet and doesn’t fade the same way other paint can. The color in hubbys office is ONYX. The rest of my home, for those inquiring, is CHANTILLY LACE, dining room is DIOR GRAY, our bedroom is BOLD BLUE, Natan’s room DARK ROYAL BLUE and Kalista’s room is SAN ANTONIO GRAY. All are from the Benjamin Moore Aura line. As you can see, I’m not really afraid of color and you shouldn’t be either!

If you purchase a wood desk and place it in the middle of a room, I highly recommend these in-expensive Desk Grommets. Drill a hole in the desk, then rewire your electrical to the middle of the room, right under the desk. There is nothing sexy about cords. Keep that office sleek!

The bathroom was also a challenge. We weren’t ready to demo it and build a new one, so check out here, how a simple coat of paint and some upgrades in fixtures can change an entire room.

So there you have it friends. A little at-home re-design project that only took a few weeks to complete. It wasn’t major but it sure looks like it is! I also put together a complete shopping guide with items purchased online!