OK! OK! I’m not here to create panic or offend anyone. However, the latest news is changing our world as we know it. The last time, I personally remember sitting in front of the television with my family and having an eerie feeling of fear, of the unknowns, was the AIDS epidemic in the ’90s.

Last night, my entire family, parents included and I sat on our couch and watched the President of the United States address our country. It was eerie and a bit scary. It’s certainly uncomfortable to know that there is a European travel ban. Everyone that knows me, knows that Europe and travel are some of my favorite things in life! However, I am absolutely staying positive and believe that this too shall pass. In the meantime, I really do need to get my mind off of this crazy coronavirus panic.

My other love next to travel is fashion and shopping! There may be a pandemic, but the current sales are amazing. So, when the travel ban is off and we can all go back to daily life, we can have some amazing fashion finds to rock on those European vacations!

This morning after getting my Coronavirus fix and instead of running to Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Target. I did a little damage at THE OUTNET. One of my favorite site to shop for designer goodies. Maybe bad timing, but maybe it’s the perfect time to shop! I also found out there is a special 20% OFF discount code just for you. Use “FINALS” at checkout and get another 20% OFF of most SALE items!

Stay healthy and positive my friends!