Ok friends. I’ve been promising and promising and finally… I have all the results. The truths and the photos to share. Go easy on me, this one is a very open post, so don’t be so judgy of my undies shots or my sexy fashion forward medical shorts!

I first started going to Dr. Iteld for my injections with my favorite queen injector Desiree Martinez. It’s no secret that I’m a major fan of hers and consider her a true artist in her craft. Des and I have actually known each other for quite some time and of course chat all the time. Especially when I see her. I’ve always complained to her about my stomach. It’s my one insecurity, my body weakness if you will. We all have them, I just happen to share them with the world!

Facing forward my abs look pretty decent. I’m not tightening my abs here, and my stomach is in its relaxed state.

However, the side view and my non-suck-in relaxed state means that I look about four to five months preggo at all time!

I work out a ton, but when I’m facing to the side the bottom portion of my stomach is always protruding. It’s never flat. SPANX have been my best friend for years in those body con dresses. I’ve actually never had a super flat stomach, not even as a child. I’ve always had a little bit of a pooch. After three babies, a woman’s body is never the same. Thalia was almost 9lbs and definitely did a number on my abs. Sometimes I’m convinced they separated. So, with that said, no amount of crunches, sit-ups or planks can get this belly flat. I needed a little help. Not drastic help, but a little tiny tweak that I can do quickly without any downtime. I mean who has time for downtime?! Not I! Plus truth be told I still wake up almost every night and rock Thalia in her rocking chair. Yes I’ve probably trained her, she’s almost three. However it’s a pleasure and I know getting real surgery means I wouldn’t be able to hold my baby girl. So, Coolsculpting was the perfect solution for me!

Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with surgical procedures that require down time. I simply wasn’t ready to take that plunge.

I did two sessions of Coolsculpting. It truly was easy-peasy lemon squeezy! I came in around lunchtime, worked on my laptop for 30 min, took some selfies and I was out! My second procedure did tingle a bit and for a second maybe even hurt after the applicator was taken off. However nothing to write home about and still totally worth it. They say that the less actual fat you have the more you may feel a sensation.

Now for the results…. drum roll please!!! TUN TUN DA DAAAA

On the left, I’m 127lbs stomach totally relaxed. You can’t suck in or tighten for these photos. Yep! That’s my belly! Second photo I’m 131lbs after all the holiday and travel gluttony. I swear… this is truth! So yes folks, skeptics, and friends. This truly does work. I totally felt and saw the difference.

I will tell you this. I did not see much of a difference after one treatment and saw a huge difference after two. The results came slowly so be patient. I started my first treatment back in October.

Overall however I’m very happy. Now I’d love to do my flanks and maybe one more treatment of the lower belly. I highly recommend Shamaila from Coolsculpting Chicago who treated me at Dr. Iteld’s. She’s also a true artist.

Be careful who you go to, Coolsculpting is just as much of an art as anything else. Just slapping on the applicator on the same spot doesn’t always work. Actually to shape my belly perfectly Shamaila put one large applicator the first round and two small ones the second time I came in. She’s amazing!

That’s all I got folks! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. You know me, open book here.